If Honest

If honest

This must be poetic,
Even with politics
Settling inside it.

We start in teahouse,
Pictures are on its walls,
Each frame says a lot,
About the culture, time,
And heroes with pride,
In hardship they frown.

People come in order,
Sit, chitchat, do the same,
All of them are friends,
Some close, some distance.

Teahouse is in Erbil.

Same thing is in Tehran,
And Baku, and elsewhere,
Like Kabul, and Tabriz.

These people are carvings:
From one shared culture…

The heroes in Europe,
And United States,
To Beijing and Moscow
Vary, are different!

Now, try to picture,
One or more of latter,
Coming as dictator,
Injure, kill, give orders:
"Pack and wrap, do listen,
Since I have best manners -
Follow me, as master…"

Now look in the mirror,
See George Bush; is lying,
To send bombs, armaments!

Listen to the cries,
Of Iraqis, Afghans.

And the world knows about:
"Pentagon, Bush's lies! "

Simple was Bin Laden,
With blood of Yemen,
Born and raised Saudi,
Working man and wealthy,
He had heard of Islam,
At home and all around.

Young man was misguided,
CIA was evil,
Whispering: "adventure, "
Osama, accepted.

He became a contact,
Was trained, got some cash.

Saudi government,
With Wahab's religion,
Spoke like CIA,
The three were friends:
"Oppose the God killers
To end up in heaven."

Osama, like many,
Latinos and Blacks,
Were targets, in fronts,
Of war with Vietcong,
And a foe called Moscow!

And Moscow itself was,
A colorful apple,
Already was rotten,
Under the cockroaches.

West listened to leaders,
Plenty were changes,
To Reagan, Gorbachev.

Europe, dog, in muzzle,
followed the Washington,
Lied, bluffed in airways:
"If so, world will be saved,
All of us come and help…"

"Hey mister Gorbachev…"
Said Reagan to Moscow,
(Tired of helping the...)

Radios and TVs, were DJs,
Turned LPs, repeated:
"Hey Mr. Gorbachev…"

People of USA
This simple, kind Nation,
Easily can forget,
That Trump said: "Losers! "

Most of their presidents
Remind the secret caves,
Make the team of "Devils! "

Open books, see their wealth,
Think alone with yourself,
Calculate and question:
"How could they have gathered? "

The answer is simple:
"They share the corruption! "
Direct and indirect…

Holding top positions
Means having own friends,
For the making and share.

Open books in Russia,
Study Muscovites,
Learn lesson from them:
"They fell by corruption,
And crystal shattered,
Then erased Soviets! "

Visited New York,
Saw Lady was afraid…

Said: "People pay tax and,
Armament is purchased,
From those connected,
As slaves and friends,
Like Boeing, McDonald,
Blackwater, were killers,
But freed, forgiven! "

"What remains for nation? "
Guess I heard Lady say:
"Is nothing but cheaters,
Sharing the night and day,
Lying as well-wishers,
But being the microbe…"

China, takes advantage,
Is in dark and watches,
While you burn on fire!

The agent, Israel,
Is clown and evil,
Strikes, makes fire,
To divide brothers,
Saudi is dumb and,
Thinks fly is camel!

People of USA,
Stop your government,
If you can, are able.

Lead the way,
Sell, buy love,
Let others have a job,
Live, enjoy their own life.

Let cultures and genders,
Be great, precious,
Unlike the monsters, CIA's:
"Korea, Taliban, and ISIS! "
Sunday, February 21, 2021

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