If I Get A Sudden Call From God Poem by Annie Juliet

If I Get A Sudden Call From God

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If I get a sudden call from GOD –
To my Dear n Near’s

To My DAD –
Dad you have been the Best Man I have ever met in life
You showed me how to handle life
You gave me everything such that I had nothing to ask more
But still I have one – would you be like Jacob (the Israel)
Like he took Jospeh’s son to be his own- I wish
You take my son as your own
I trust in you – when you could make such a week kid like me a real good person
I am sure you will teach same faith to my son too.
You are the best man I ever met
I see bring light from God and I am feeling sleepy
Let me Rest in peace

To My MUM-
Mum – you are so great, you delivered me in pain
But never showed it on me till this min
I know you could have told a big NO to me
But you did accept me even when I was such a Meek kid
Sick and thin, big and fat
I have nothing to ask you as you have always done your best
Still I have one wish – will you be lik Naomi
Be a mother of my son –
You will be praised by generations
I see bright light and I am feeling sleepy
I am going to rest in peace

To my Man
Honey – you were from God,
The good time started after you came into my life
I know it was not same for you
I let you go free with no bond
You can choose anyone you want
Tall n slim, from your favorite part of the world (Brazil/Argentina)
Don’t worry about anything else
shower all your love
All bonds settled once I am gone
I see bright light and I am feeling sleepy
Let me rest in peace

To my Son
Baby – you changed my life
I was nothing until you came to this world
Know what – you always felt I had rabbit in my heart
But baby – All my heart I had you
You were my most happiness on earth
I don’t feel bad for missing anything else but you
Every day was bright and shinny cos of you
I have done my best for you
Even when I am gone
You will have the best people around you to care for
Remember to pray every day
Faith will lead you to success
Never me weak or meek like me
God bless you honey
Mommy is seeing bring light – and I am feeling sleepy
Let me rest in peace.
Let me rest in peace
Let me rest in peace….

Friday, April 25, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
I am really not sure why I am writing this.
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