If Love Starves Poem by Michael Eziudo

If Love Starves

Why do I have to beg a fellow for forgiveness
Like I'm begging for life
Why do I have to beg to be held in love
Like I hadn't come from a womb
Dear God, if you give us gifts
Give us to those we won't beg to treasure us
Like we're even to you undeserving of love
Despite our sacrifices

Why does my sacrifice have to be tested by fire
When often they're not faked
And I shave my hair to get them to offer
Why do they have to be swept off their feet cheaply
By sacrifices that don't deserve them
And that twinkle from a source
That doesn't belong to it
And their temporary illusion beckon them come
And they find themselves doubting the authenticity of this
That they know its roots and foundation
And that has their names on it
Dear God, if our worth isn't worthy enough
We won't stop looking still
At your right hand, our only source

Why do I have to cry to bed all night long
Because I feel all alone
Because the action I should take
I fear to take it
That I don't cause for myself another tearful sleepless night
For apologies unaccepted
Or for the care and attentions I should get that hardly flow in
And I'm starved, emotionally malnourished
Dear God, when these moments arise
Whisper unto us like you usually do
That it's alright, you'll be fine
And make us realize that even though we're not told,
We're valued and we're loved

Love is as mysterious as a poet's pen
It's a coat of many colors
But you, dear God, have its perfect definition
Teach us to define it
So that we learn patience
Better than we have now
Because it is the tool
With which we can win
if we feel love starves

If Love Starves
Friday, April 10, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: heartbreak,true love
Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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