If Only Poem by Bleeding Heart

If Only

Rating: 2.8

If Only
I was there, but you didn't see.
You saw, but you didn't notice.
You noticed, but it wasn't me.
I noticed you, but it wouldn't matter because I noticed you.
But if you saw me, it wouldn't be a first.
But to notice me in a similar way like how I notice you.
If Only You Could See.
I am standing right in front of you.
Yet I am invisible to your eyes.
If you could see.
Maybe neither of us would be alone.
Yet, again you probably wouldn't be alone anyway.
But I would be.
If Only You Could See.
I wish my feelings wouldn't stand alone.
I wish you felt the same way as I do.
I wish you would notice me.
I wish you could see how perfect I am for you.
I wish you would realize how great I am.
I wish you would realize how much I try to get you to notice me.
If Only You Could See.
If you could see,
My feelings wouldn't stand alone.
You would be so much happier.
I wouldn't hurt so much inside.
As if you noticed me in the first place.
I wouldn't feel so alone.
If Only You Could See.
If only you could see…
If only you could see that I am in love with you.
And no matter how much it hurts for me to love you.
I can't stop myself from doing so.
If Only…

Adeline Foster 28 October 2011

Ah, if only. I too wrote one of that title. Yet how different the subject can be. Read mine - Cicatrix - Again different and perhaps surprising. Adeline

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