Tondalaya Jefferson

If Time Stood Still - Poem by Tondalaya Jefferson

If time stood still could you hold on to your sanity.
Wipe your eyes and pick yourself up off the vanity.
Could you follow the dreams of a small small child or charter a plane 2 a far away isle.
Would pain seize to exist or make your run to the door marked with a red exit.
Can you forgive and forget or do u have 2 forgive to forget.
Forgive and then forget or forgive and then forfeit your life to a never ending plight.
Would you question his plan or go back like the black panthers and stick it too the man.
Tell me would u read stories of love or trade it all in for a never ending hug or just let go and live ur life from above.
Would you, could you, should you, believe in yourself or constantly depend on the world around you for help.
If time stood still could we truly follow the bible and live out gods will or follow in satins footsteps and hope u don't get killed.
I've asked myself this question time and time again, and now I begin to realize that this is the end.
If time stood still I'd just simply pause, stand up for it all, and try hard not to fall.
Na I'm just playin I guess it sounded good but who's to really know what we'd do if time just stood.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 12, 2010

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