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If You Could Turn Back The Clock

Human life on earth is filled with series of omissions and blunders
Have you met anybody who has never made a mistake in their life?
Many people have done numerous things in their life
That they - in retrospect wish they should never have done
Several people have omitted to do some things in their life
That they - with hindsight wish they should have done

If you could turn back the clock
What would you have done differently?
What have you done in the past that you regretted doing?

If you could turn back the clock
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Grace Tan 22 February 2007

It's a great poem. The title 'If you could turn back the clock...' gives readers a scope of reflection, a whirlpool through the many events of their daily life; today, yesterday, a week ago- even the mundane stuff that has become such a habit for human lives that we term them 'normal'. As we travel in a dizzying stance through it all, we realise that one of the most impactful things that we hold in our lives is regret. Regret for the things that we wanted to do but did not do; for the things we wanted to do but dared not do; for the things we felt that we should have taken a different choice, a different path, that might perhaps have been a better choice. All these you addressed with your stanzas nicely, letting it flow slowly from one concept to the other. One point thatyou could have noted was the ending. It did seem a little abrupt. I think you wanted to say that after all, these choices are done and gone, and we should enjoy life now for what it is, and not keep lamenting and thinking of what could have been. Perhaps you could make it more explained, lenthening your ending to another stanza? It was a great poem otherwise. Good work! ^^

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