Cookie Iwuoha

(ify) Lamentations Of A Lost Love - Poem by Cookie Iwuoha

man alone builds no home
met her and i was convinced to my bone
this is the answer to a search
that has taken years to come

waters ran dry from my aspirations
un-waiting the day she came
unexpected and uninvited, yet she came
sat next to me and i stole stares at her face
convinced of her physical features
and her soul knocked me out

so sudden was the impact
that i wanted a way out of this bout
knowing that i will only enslave my soul to hurt
because she is bound to misunderstand my cross

many lies escapes the lips of men
deceit the song in the soul of women
who is fooling who, who is loving who
pain and tragedy only visit us with trusted faces and loved hearts
and tales of innocents and betrayals fills the
modern day graveyards

for once i acknowledge my cowardice
i choose to run instead of to love
for my messages will be misinterpreted
for none will believe
that i met an angel on earth
that have lost her path
and couldn't bring her home
for i have no place to call my own

am a common wanderer afraid to accept
that he has found all that he sought
so that his adventure will not stop
for suicide will be the only option

where is Heaven, where is God
i think i am among those who must weep for
i pray for the faith to accept the loss of you.
move on, i will forever remember you

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 3, 2010

Poem Edited: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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