Cookie Iwuoha

Muttallab My Brother - Poem by Cookie Iwuoha

Muttallab my brother,
I believe I can call you that
Though you are now a global outcast
Rejected by family, religion, race, and earth inhabitants
I call you brother, though you didn’t win an orange,
Booker or noble peace prize
Instead you failed to detonate a liquid bomb
In your underpants
Saving your life and hundreds others

Muttallab my brother,
I believe I can call you that
Though the memories of the Biafran war,
Incessant religious killing in the north
With our mother’s children always the victim,
Threatens to tear the fabric of our society.

Muttallab my brother
Though the world will question my integrity
for calling you a brother at a time as this,
But i have always loved the rejected and condemned,
i never forget to remember the forgotten
Like ironsi, ifeajunna, and nzeogwu,
And have made many enemies of men my friend,
Che Guevara, Stephen Biko, Saro Wiwa, even Lucifer
Because my love questions none’s race,
religion or political agenda
but the height of your sacrifice
what you denied yourself for the sake of others

Muttallab my brother,
who are you truly,
Nigerian or yemenian?
Tribal provocations and religious riots
Gives us opportunity for shallow mass graves
But we are peace lovers,
And Thousands of our children die in the nations of others
Promoting peace in their lands
from Darfur, Freetown to Monrovia

Muttallab my brother, even though I call you brother
I condemn the killing of innocents
I condemn every act of war, or terrorism
I condemn religious crisis or killing in the name of Allah or Jehovah

your conscience now carry the weight
Of the condemnation of your
150 million half brothers
Whom you never considered
as you set out on your vengeful mission

Why did you try to do it
for Islam? Islam is a religion of peace
and for Misunderstanding the Quran,
for your soul Muslims grieve,
to spite your father?
Did he fail to respond to your emotional
and psychological needs?
For middle east crisis?
Maybe you know sides of the story
better than most of us
who sit at home and never bother to understand
why God only Comes to Afghanistan to weep
and demons have chosen Jerusalem as the
city of conflict between Israel and palestine

Or do you just hate the world
for making injustice so permanent
That you abhor being a part of yourself and others
That chose not to love
the faith that you have loved more than yourself

Muttallab my brother, I call you brother
Because i sympathize with you,
And know how it feels like to feel like dying for others,
Because my corpse would be rotten
If my death will correct mistakes of my Nation,
And its sins and debt to be forgiven it
By its citizens whom its leaders have raped with Injustice

I believe in sacrifice, Muttallab my brother
But you chose the wrong people to kill
And maybe the wrong reason to die,
For I honestly know
that Allah and Jehovah doesn’t hate each other in Heaven
I do not believe with you that suicide is right
But I know how it feels to die just to be able to live.

Only Allah can judge perfectly
the reasons that inspired your dream
and motivated your intent to kill
your self and innocent others
just to spite an enemy, you would have chosen to love
love your enemy as yourself,
is that written in any of the book of faith?
Oh It must be lost now in the missing scriptures?
And Alas all I can say is the messenger is truly not important
but the message, and we all, lets correct our mistakes
Just like Muttallab my brother who truly regret.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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