Ignite Your Fire Poem by Ali Rahimi

Ignite Your Fire

Rating: 3.0

Dance to fire inside, celebrate,
Fierce forceful flood of full-blooded foray, liberate,
Fire of love and passion, that’s fortunate,
Bright days to anticipate,
We will celebrate, friend, eternal fun will dominate,
We are colourful, vibrant, joy will resonate,
Heart and minds we will captivate,
Fire to love, fire to capture fate, at any rate,
Let’s unite, let’s cooperate,
We will not hesitate,
It’s never late, never late,
Fire will swallow devil and darkness,
Fire will swamp terror and harshness,
Fire will remove pressure and toughness,
Oh fire, give me your redness, vigor, and vim,
Absorb my yellowness, frailty and fatigue,
Beware! Hearken!
Phoenix shall never ever die,
It will reborn, and reborn, and reborn,
The royal bird offers us purple red breath,
The solar bird is full of the sun, full of the light,
We are the phoenix,
We are the phoenix,
We will burn the garment of lies and deception,
Time to set the darkness on fire,
The flame will rise, the flame will rise,
Sun, time and the Empire,
Will never terminate,
We are the fire bird, we are the Simorgh,
We are a wall of fire, a cauldron of fire, a fiery arrow of rage,
Will burn down all evil, all shitheads,
Our tongues and hands are made of fire,
Ignite your Fire,
Ignite your Fire,
Ignite your Fire,
Oh fire, give me your redness, vigor, and vim,
Absorb my yellowness, and fatigue,
Fire is our weapon, fire is our blood, fire is our heart, fire is our rage,
Leap lofty, leap lofty, leap lofty, my friend,
Hey you, standing in the dark,
You can’t put out this fire,
This fire is too hot, too wild to be tamed,
This fire is love, hate, blood, breath and pulse,
Smoke will suffocate you, your ash will be thrown to hell,
Fire cuts the mist like a knife,
Fire slashes the fog like a razor blade,
Fire slits foul mouths of the hypocrites like a dagger,
Fire ruins taboos, destroys barriers, burns the laws,
Fire screams ahead, and the devil’s body is torn apart,
Like a sacrificial sheep, scavengers will indulge,
Burn, burn, burn, burn,
Ignite your fire...

Monday, March 30, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: fire,hypocrisy,mind,passion
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