Ignorance Poem by Eldon M Thomas


Ignorance is not bliss
Ignorance is this
Ignorance is not knowing nor recognizing who God is

Ignorance is not accepting his gift
Not accepting his son so that you can live

Ignorance is being stingy and not wanting to give
Ignorance is forever wanting but never giving just like a little kid

Ignorance is the same as darkness
Ignorance is like having satan the devil as your partner

Ignorance is not knowing where you are going
Or what kind of seeds you may be sowing

Ignorance is unknowingly choosing to do wrong
Choosing weakness because you don’t know that you could be strong

Choosing to stay poor when you have the power to become rich
Not doing what it takes to stay healthy but being angry when you get sick

Ignorance is doing a thing just because everyone else is doing it
That’s like a pig going back to the mud or the dog eating his own vomit
Or like running a red light on a busy intersection even though you know you’ll get hit
Or like eating the same food over and over again that upsets your stomach

Ignorance is like walking on the highway with your eyes closed
Or like walking in below freezing winter cold weather with wet clothes

Ignorance can make you lose out in life
Ignorance is the reason why some people always have strife

Ignorance is why most people stay poor
Ignorance is the weapon that the powers that be use to keep wealth behind closed doors

Through ignorance evil gets to operate in silence
Ignorance and poverty breeds the worse kind of violence

Through the ignorance of the masses the banks create money out of nothing
They have nothing backing the money in circulation except our desire for material things

If ignorance is darkness then knowledge is light
So now is the time to take off the blindfolds and open your eyes so that your soul may be bright

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