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Eldon M Thomas (1980-) Attended and graduated from both Orange Middle and Orange High Schools in Orange, New Jersey. Upon graduation from Orange High, Eldon joined the United States Marine Corps on July 6th 1998, where he served for four years before being Honorably Discharged from Headquarters Battalion, First Marine Division on July 5th 2002. ...

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Full Moon Against A Blue Sky

She followed me around and I don’t know why
This afternoon as I drove I saw a full moon against a blue sky

There she was radiant and bright
It was after four in the afternoon but it looked close to night
The sun was still up but she reflected the sun’s light

There she stood my celestial balloon
Full and round, my old friend the moon
The sun was opposite her like an old fashioned groom
The stars were not out yet so they had lots of room

So there she was as I drove right by
Suspended in the air, white chocolate moon against a blue sky

My lovely moon shining ever so high
A natural light that doesn’t hurt my eyes
My lovely moon set against a blue sky

Eldon M Thomas Popularity

Eldon M Thomas Popularity

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