Fatmata kaikai

Immoral Enchanting Secrets - Poem by Fatmata kaikai

Into the world I enter this detestable repulsive world. It so exquisite at so much I seek in this world the abhorrence humanity has against each other. You may think I am a psycho or mental but to me I am more normal than you may think I actually am. The name is Mai Honokaa Hitsugaya I am 15 years old mortal girl that walks alone in this world. I am among the dead that penetrate in my soul the awful feeling I have. I seek revenge on all the teasing I have receive from people cause I am not the way they want me to be. My appearance very somber that frightens people away ha-ha that always keeps a grin on my face when I have thought of what I shall do to them people just give me an excitement in my body.

Do You think I am so mad of course you think I am? I have a disguise that I show in this world. I change my appearance to hide secrets I have hidden among those who think they are close to me. Ha I laugh in despair I laugh as my cold blacken hearts is so warming it might just frighten you. The grief when the only person I have cared about in this is forever gone and now immortal. I have had cuts all over my body to take my pain away but do you think it heals you tell me. When I wept I wept blood and just keep laughing.

I have guilt of what had happen. As to one day that person i cared about would always be in agony pain so to end it and let her to be immortal and rest in peace I inject her with poisonous needle than strangle her. I took a knife cut her throat as the blood started to drip on the tile floor. I cut her eyes out and cut her to pieces and cremated her which she burn in the fire as she turned into ashes. I stood there licked her blood her pain away and just smiled. I hate myself the world ha-ha-ha so amusing do you think I am nut yes I am a savage beast an outsider and murderer but it was my thought and hatred words that made me the way I am. Am I a violent prejudice person you tell me all I do is laugh in despair as the grin of her death will always be on my face.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 20, 2010

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