In A World Ravaged And Ravished By Infatuation For Lust And Beguile Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

In A World Ravaged And Ravished By Infatuation For Lust And Beguile

In a world ravaged and ravished by
The infatuation for lust
And guile in the heart,
How to grow reverence
If lie we morally bankrupt and fallen,
Corrupt and degraded?

In that time of annihilation,
Spiritual crisis and malaise,
Nothing consoles me
Except innocence and ignorance,
Simplicity of heart and purity of soul,
The streak of genius lying unrecognized.

Nothing lures me, nothing pleases me
When lie I thinking about
A life shattered,
A world gone bankrupt
Lying in utter annihilation,
You come, come to, my little daughter
And console me.

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 24 February 2015

A sobering storyline that accurately depicts what the Worlds future may be like for our children and grandchildren It absolutely amazes me how so many of us don't realize that all 7 billion of we earthlings have 2 things so in common...and it is the most important thing, more important than any other, conflict, principle, crisis or romance. We were all born of our Mother's and we will all die from mortality. AnytimeI think of that, I'm not thinking about war, hate, prejudice or who doesn't like my writing style, as all of this will be moot when Our Maker says, Shows Over! Nice Work...~FjR~

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