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In Love With Eternity - Poem by .... Chetty

They will ask me and I will reply I am in love, I am in love with eternity
And when they ask me what is my last wish? I will tell them my only wish is to fall in your arms

I want to fly to the skies,
I want to float into the Milky Way as I search for your hands reaching out for me.
I beg of you please say you will be there?
Please say you will be waiting for me?
Ohh how much I want to ride, ride to stars and come alive like the sun

I don't need the love of man, I don't need no riches, I don't need no beauty
If timing is a limit then give me even a second, just one second to fall in your arms
To feel your embrace is more treasured in my heart than heaven
To feel your forgiveness is more wonderful to my soul than food to my body
To feel your love is to me more worthwhile than eternity in heaven

When the sun shines through the darkness
The trumpet of heavens will shake the world
And the tears of the world will sink the desert
I will hear the children laughter echoing among the golden fields
I will run and I will follow
In the line we will sing the song of peace as we walk the valley of soul
The gate will shimmer with love as it opens us to a world of no fear, no pain, no vanity, no hunger, and no war.
And I will run in the heavens, run through every fields of the heaven to fall, fall in your arms.

And when they ask me what is my last wish? I will tell them my only wish is to fall in your arms
And I will search my lord even for an eternity in heaven just to fall in your arms and I shall fear no more.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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