In Love With The Me Melt In You Poem by Mustafa Kenj

In Love With The Me Melt In You

A journey my soul since birth been having
Many stations I have been to, many places
None were genuine as it did this Tuesday
So grateful am I to the lord, to the world
Yea let me thank from my heart and soul
Blesses shall last only if appropriated
Otherwise they get lost or vanished
The universe these moments were calm
The sound of birds were the peace sign
Praying for it to last for ever in the hearts
Praying for all to be happy as us
So our happiness can reoccur endlessly
Getting to know you got me to know myself
Got me to question as human; me's limits
Me's being was so different before, after
Since the soul united from the depths
They cherished dually mutually at once
Rare to happen, rare to go through
I fell in love with the me I saw in you
I just met myself through you
I loved this new me like ever
I love this me now and for ever
This me became part of you
And you became part of me
I feel you from the bottoms
Precious you my sweetest

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