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My sun arose over the whole earth
From oceans clouds to make to rain
My wind bringest the relief to drought
Each day, the sun and the oceans melt

The magic of night

My moon you are too far
But still you brighten my night

On a night, villagers a lady-star to choose
For a talent, with yes the most shall approve
The ladies are up to sing, dance, or walk

By Kenj

Rivers as so wild flow, fish no power but to follow
Up to the sea the journey ends yet a new starts

Inspired from Neslican's Milestone ever lasting words

Hadest your ears from my tongue mishear
Or my mouth's teeth hit the tongue un-aware

Far from the stress, life on shoulders left
Tunes, music, lyrics and different vocals
Over High-raise, souls fly through a such
The soft rock, the jaz-blue, The pop, of all

Apologize to the lady in disguise

Apology for Me of Gold made ‘snt but only a soul & clay
Me of you had never dreamed or could even ever imagine

Oh my sun to the otherside of earthes?
SoShall visit my brothers in Americas
What ifmore us give of light, warmth
If tomorrow late shall I come yes then

Children tomorrow's parents thou need
As us primary school students were to be
Shall From what us suffered them to save
Their smile aint steal but rather to please

By kenj
Autumn winds us freshens, poor leaf harshens
To ground from tree for the man's feet on passes
Each season Countless trees' leaves blown ‘ve been

Juliet calls for celopatra, Casandra in love's share same burnt
Society, minds, upon their crash over souls deep wounds left
In shakespear's, Dryden's ‘re lessons too much for us to learn
Dearest how choose each other to fight in vain blood begone

By Kenj

Metaphysical spiritual world of Kenj

By Kenj

Cem whether you fell or yourself dropped

Brown dark my eyes for all seemed
while in a class they ‘vebeen light
On a badpiece of news felt burned
So far few times life could them light

Alay! Here I lay moveless cold corb ‘s burried
Oh my wits my Harmons so me had departed
Moments kept in shell of some me so pridest
Alas! Shan't Leave pride aside? A cry from sky

There, too many oceans but few to swim in
On the shores to hold thee's hands to dance
Where up to the knees wet and covered
Part of the sea us so we shall unity to feel

Grown on a piece of land, yet an eternal home is not
Doomed to be titled by the name given to that land
The peace shall be found in humanisim, love among nations
The love of universal nature on every centimeter of earth

Ah Elazığı under your soil a shake took place
My breath was cut for a while to grieve thee
Wish I had the power in seconds yours to reach
Next to be for those who scream, to those who need


My earth, my land, my space, my universe
My thoughts, my mind, my heart, my days
My body, my destiny, my way, my left years
My breath, my rights, my heaven, my deeds

Twenty seven years passed like a nightmare
Since I open my eyes and everything was drawn
My name, my shape, my citizenship, my race
What fault me to judge so a chance I deserve

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A Post-Modern Romantist. #postmodernromanticisim)

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Nagging To Sun

My sun arose over the whole earth
From oceans clouds to make to rain
My wind bringest the relief to drought
Each day, the sun and the oceans melt
Ah my sun, from my alikes so ashamed
Males compete after numbers as blinds
Females themselves into the powerful ones
Whose fault, who victimizes who, both's guilt
As far as conscious, as if playing roles in theatre
My day-time sun so hot, as night comes, it cools
The peak at early afternoon it eases the heat
As if the further it goes, the cooler it feels
Bodies core, as sun's, its pole likewise moves

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Kevin.K 26 May 2019

God bless you Man! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! It was really great to get to know you buddy

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Samantha 26 May 2019


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Kevin.K 26 May 2019

I was amazed to read these lines by someone whose name Mustafa! Good stuffs MUSTAFA! ! ! ! WOW! !

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Paula 26 May 2019

I enjoyed the nature element in the poem a lot. I think you are a great poet

2 0 Reply
Samantha 26 May 2019

Full of ROMANCE! ! ! ! I quite like your literary work! you are a gunuine MAN! ! !

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Mustafa Kenj Quotes

Every single issue has two dimensions; either the self or the others. Yet, the best to gather the two in one.

To draw on a new paper and to take a new photo is thousands times better than fixing a complex of blurred image. The means to do so is to take a step back and realize the flaws and recall the seconds how and what way of such took place; thus yesterday's draft is today's masterpiece.

Happiness for Kenj, is a child well to be born so long be able to live. Unlike the rightnow happiness found in our world is a mere second lasting fetus. Happiness shan't on earth widewisely everlastingly be, till the smallest of creature well faired. Happiness then not seconds but rather universe's long to last. Peace, tranquility are the womb where baby happiness are the musts to be well diesease-free born.

Love is innated, hatred is gained. As a person named and known by Kenj I could never let the evil to control and pass the black-pile over the merit loving soul. The core theme of all my writings and books is how can make happiness out ot love. Love is the key for locked complexes that set humanity apart from happiness. For a happy world, happy society, for a happy family, a happy individual, we only need love to fill their hearts. Love means the ability to share and respect. Thus for a loving full of love earth.

As long as man is willing to find beauty and happiness there are many unseen indivisible pleasurable touches found in every picture. While there are too many great pleasing things to be busy thinking of while should the brain focus on the annoying unpleasing ones. While there are many reasons to love each other, we dont have too find reasons to feel others unlikeable ones. They may have many things that we may have been blind to by which we can be fascinated about them.

Love is not only between couples or within a family, within the same country, but It is for everything that the eyes can see or the ear can hear, or the soul can feel. It beyond everything, it is inborn within everyone of us.

Dreams when they become true, they turn into moments. The successful postive people make out of their own ongoing moments the best of them as if these moments the dreams they have always been dreaming of. Kenj always recommends in his Romanticisim philosophy to live every moment as they have been dreaming to live The moment for ages....

All of us got to have our fruits rippen, before the harvest come, most of us start getting what already planted, still may taste sour, may sound weird, no matter what 'drive' get the terrible of results. Since riped of the crops, most of us ask those who succeeded; how could you bear waiting them to ripe, waiting to ripe few months is better than waiting the whole year, successful says. Others as Kenj saw, most of us go to pick up some apples, some of us get the apples then fail to pass the guards, others, fail even to step in since the apples they yearn are already gone...

Kenj's vision of life; everyman seems and sounds like an egg from outside, however, It is so mild and fragile inside! !

The hardest to cure disease in world societies is the lack of real love. Love has been iconed physically, materially, and financially. A mother would satisfy her motherhood by buying her son the best quality iPad or Xbox, so the father would satisfy his fatherhood by buying his son a house, and the tragedy goes on. I believe the only cause of this disease staeted by getting used to be given to feel we are loved, or to give when feel we want to appreciate what we love. Love is not given, love does not need to be given it is felt, it is found in everyone of us. All what we have to do just to be ourselves and stay side by side looking genuinely at each other's eyes.

If we expect things from what we love, then our love is questionable, temporary and conditional. Real genuine love is unconditional, everlasting, with zero question or expectation.

True love starts with self-discovery. A human-being should learn how to love the soul inside. Then love gradually get the individual to get to know his / her potentials. And the more he/she loves their souls, the more these potentials grow. And by so he / she learns how to play a positive role in the lives of the people they love.

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Mustafa Kenj Popularity

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