Mustafa Kenj Poems

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Nagging To Sun

My sun arose over the whole earth
From oceans clouds to make to rain
My wind bringest the relief to drought
Each day, the sun and the oceans melt

The Magic Of The Night

The magic of night

My moon you are too far
But still you brighten my night

Ever-Lasting Lady-Star

On a night, villagers a lady-star to choose
For a talent, with yes the most shall approve
The ladies are up to sing, dance, or walk

The Fish Of St. Anselm

By Kenj

Rivers as so wild flow, fish no power but to follow
Up to the sea the journey ends yet a new starts

Inspired From Neslican's Milestone Ever Lasting Words

Inspired from Neslican's Milestone ever lasting words

Hadest your ears from my tongue mishear
Or my mouth's teeth hit the tongue un-aware

Millennium Of The Music Age

Far from the stress, life on shoulders left
Tunes, music, lyrics and different vocals
Over High-raise, souls fly through a such
The soft rock, the jaz-blue, The pop, of all

Apologize To The Lady In Disguise

Apologize to the lady in disguise

Apology for Me of Gold made ‘snt but only a soul & clay
Me of you had never dreamed or could even ever imagine

Sun Fairest Sun

Oh my sun to the otherside of earthes?
SoShall visit my brothers in Americas
What ifmore us give of light, warmth
If tomorrow late shall I come yes then

On A Teachers Day

Children tomorrow's parents thou need
As us primary school students were to be
Shall From what us suffered them to save
Their smile aint steal but rather to please

Winds In The Four Seasons

By kenj
Autumn winds us freshens, poor leaf harshens
To ground from tree for the man's feet on passes
Each season Countless trees' leaves blown ‘ve been

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