In Memory Of Poem by Sneha Celine

In Memory Of

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I sat at the corner of a coffee shop
A cup of hot coffee, a cozy-cold day,
Across the road, wearing a suit
Is an old man, sitting beside a grave.
I can't help but see what others ignore
Two half-filled glasses of wine and a red rose.
I look around and not a soul I see,
A glass for him;
For whom could the other one be?
I caught his lips mutter
But the sight is unclear
I can't make out the words
The words that only the long gone could hear.
I am intrigued, by the sight I see
I want to know what their story could be.
In this busy world, where no one has time for none
Here sits a man with his invisible loved one.
I thought to myself,
How blessed should the buried one be?
For even after death,
They don't feel lonely.

This happened about a couple weeks ago. I sat on a corner seat at Tim's sipping my coffee and looking through the glass door. The sight of the intersection with Knox united church is beautiful. The tall trees looks like it's painted with different shades of green and the trimmed grass looks like a bed. Right at the intersection is an old graveyard where I saw this old man. It was something peaceful that made my day. In this day and age of tech, where people are so lost into their phones or distracted with worldly things and here is this man who visited his beloved with two glasses of wine and rose. If this had happend a few years ago, people might have laughed at such a man who mumbled to himself but I guess he knew that now people were so lost that they would fail to see him. Beside why would he care even if they did? To him mattered were those moments he got to spend with his dear one. Time stopped for a few second not just for him but also for me. I felt the mixed emotions he must have felt. People don't seem to have that few mins to look at someone eyes and talk these days, tech has stolen a lot from us. Looking at this sight, I just wondered, will there be a time like the good old days again? What would it take to get few minutes of someone's life when we are alive?
Michael Cochrane 13 August 2022

Everything you say is exactly what mobile phones have taken from us all no one looks to have a connection to anyone else they have heads down looking at a phone missing out f from the world

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Jayne Louise Davies 13 August 2022

Sad but lovely write. Thank you for sharing x

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