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Distant memories lost in time,
I close my eyes and think of you.
Memories of the way we were,
Glaze my eyes, like morning dew.

I sit near the window,
The mountain in view,
The garden's so quiet,
Flowers are few,

I long for the night,
When I'll hold you so tight,
In my dreams,
Once again we are young,

Old age is a must for all of us,
But with it brings aches and pains,
My prescription list's getting longer,
And my stamina's gone down the drain,

In my memory there you lie,
Precious memories,
Years gone by,
Always the apple of my eye,

I sat down, onto the large leather chair,
Looking around at the others, already sitting there.
Faces of people I didn't know,
Some glanced at me,

My nights at the disco now over,
My days of The Bump truly gone,
For age doesn't come by itself you know,
My feet have a mind of their own!

Dependant on dreams,
Just to get through,
Hoping each night,
I get to see you.

I walked away that sunny day,
Never to see your face,
It's been one long eternity,
My life's so out of place,

I remember those long hot Summers as if they were yesterday,
When the sun shone down on our street, the place I loved to play.
For many a window glistened, cleaned well to a sparkling shine,
Where starched white shirts blew gaily, on many a washing line.

Oh the winds of winter chill me,
Shivers to my very bones,
Snowy mountain scenes that thrill me,
Fine blue skies with various tones,

And so the birds begin their song,
They help me write,
To think upon,
The memories dear,

Wild flowers blow in the morning breeze,
Surrounded by beautiful butterflies and bees,
Warm is the glow of the dazzling sun,
How lovely this garden of mine has become.

So fragile is a loving heart
That breaks in two as loved ones depart
To long for them each passing day
To yearn for them in every way.

Come to me through my memories,
Never fade away,
Come to my thoughts,
Be with me today,

Lily of the valley,
Such beauty you portray,
Lily of the valley,
Brighten up my day,

One moment your right here beside me,
In a flash you are taken away,
I'm hearing your voice in my memories,
I long for you every day,

That little cottage by the sea,
Where roses grow so eagerly,
That little place I long to live,
That special place,

On the old oak tree,
Where lovers names are written,
Etched forevermore.

How pleasant it is to know Jayne,
Sometimes she can be a right pain,
She'll talk you to death,
Don't come up for a breath,

Jayne Louise Davies Biography

Married with two children and five grandchildren. Lived in Abercynon, South Wales, all my life. I've always loved poetry, started writing after my Mother passed away in 2008. Joined PH in 2013.. I made it to member poem of the day back in March 2014 with my Poem titled I'll Hold You Close..Also January 2022 with my Poems I Could Have Danced All Night and Back From Reality... February 2022 Poem titled Forget You Not …March 2022 for my poem Gone In A Blink Of An Eye…May 2022 Poem titled Will I See You Tonight? June 2022 for my poem Apple Of My Eye..July 2022 Those Days Back Then.. January 2023 for my poem Come To Me …March 2023 poem titled Through Winter Chill…April 2023..To Be Near You… June 2023 Living And Loving …July 2023 with Our Sunny Place… July 2023 poem titled Turn Up The Volume…August 2023/ A Flow Of Nature.. and Life Still Goes On... September 2023 Poem… Those Days Without You …My poems are mostly about my own life experiences and straight from the heart x)

The Best Poem Of Jayne Louise Davies

I'll Hold You Close

Distant memories lost in time,
I close my eyes and think of you.
Memories of the way we were,
Glaze my eyes, like morning dew.

I hear your voice so clearly now,
A loving smile, lights up your face.
We walk together, hand in hand,
Then head for home, that special place.

I miss your love, I miss those times,
The love you shared, your love for me.
It broke my heart, you fell asleep,
No greater friend will ever be.

I'll hold your memory close to heart,
Your love will flow within my veins.
I'll hold you close, right to the end,
My dear Mum, we'll meet again.

Jayne Louise Davies

Jayne Louise Davies Comments

Julie Geddis 26 March 2014

I loved your poem, In my life you will always be there. It made my heart feel alot. ThankYou. Keep up the encouraging words of grace.

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Jayakumar Jrain 16 April 2024

Hi Jayne, I'm amazing, i like your beautiful words

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Izzy F 12 February 2023

I love this!

3 1 Reply
Jayne Louise Davies 16 February 2023

Thank you Izzy x Much appreciated!

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Jayne is a brilliant poet. Her choice of words, phrases and imagery always accentuate the tone of the poem. A poet of immense talent, Jayne easily handles any subject with great authenticity and aesthetics. May God bless her!

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Jayne Louise Davies 19 October 2022

Thank you so much x I'm truly overwhelmed by your wonderful comment. Much appreciated x Wishing you the best x

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Bri Edwards 23 December 2021

I just read your 2013 'A Childhood Summer'. I enjoyed it and left a comment. Thanks. And i read another about school days. : ) bri

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Jayne Louise Davies 06 September 2022

Thanks Bri, for taking time to read my work. Much appreciated x

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Jayne Davies 25 December 2021

Thank you 😁

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Mike Wiliams 31 October 2020

I like your poems so much, so much I read one of them out at a remeberance parade here in the city of s-Hertogenbosch Holland. I hope you don't mind as it was appreciatedby the poeple that were there. It was in memory of the 53rd Welsh Division that liberated the city.The poem was Honour The Brave" . It was a somber service due to covid 19 that only 10 poeple were officially allowed to be there. Thank you. Mike Williams

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Jayne Louise Davies Quotes

Dreams are our anticipation in life. Hold onto them. They are our unknown destiny.

Those who give and expect nothing in return are free of disappointments.

Respect the old, as they are the roots of life

Life is not always a bed of roses. Beware of the nettles.

Greed is the stem of jealousy, it creates a monster, that will not rest until it gets what it wants.

Every dog has its day.

Do not fear the dead. For it's the living that will hurt you.

Love thy Mother, For there will never be another.

There is no love greater than a Mothers love

There are many paths to follow in life. Choose wisely. You may regret this chosen path one day. But fate will always take you to its destination.

Be grateful for the life we have, for it is denied to so many.

You don't need sunshine, to brighten up a cloudy day.

It takes a good memory to be a good liar.

Those who don't believe in magic, will never find it.

Remember when looking out for others, to make time for yourself, for your health is number one.

Don't live in fear of your own lies, honesty is the only way.

Always go along with your gut instinct. If something doesn't look right, it normally isn't.

Good friends are like stars.You don't always get to see them, but you know they are there.

We meet many friends in a lifetime, but only the best ones stay.

There is a fine line between life and death

A suspicious mind, never did anyone any harm.

The soul is an ocean of memories

Always live for the moment.

To avoid disappointments, we must learn from our mistakes.

Never give up on the impossible.

To love life, is to first love yourself.

Too many lies told, requires a bigger shovel.

Believe in fate, let life guide you. And love will always find you.

Lonely is not feeling alone. It's knowing no one cares.

The best people, give the best memories.

Save time for people who matter.

Love with your heart, not for your need.

There is a devil within us all, but many choose to hide him.

Whatever happens in life. Always walk proud.

Before you are able to love life, you must learn to love yourself.

Happiness cannot be searched for, it must be created.

The best days are those spent with the ones we love.

Life is like a coiled spring. You never know what's going to jump out next.

Sometimes people enter our lives to show us right from wrong.

A first love, is never a forgotten love.

From love there's life, in life there's love.

Never look down on others, for one day, you may be the one looking up.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you, you never know when you may need it again.

Life is ours to live, not to be wasted.

The young dream of the future. The old dream of the past.

Happiness cannot be gained by having everything in life. It's about appreciating what you do have.

A good friend is the best gift you can have.

Where there's power there's strength. Where there's greed there's war.

Wherever you go in life, whatever you become, always remember where you came from.

Living a dream is better than giving up.

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Jayne Louise Davies Popularity

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