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Married with two children and five grandchildren.
Lived in Abercynon, South Wales, all my life. I've always loved poetry, started writing after my Mother passed away in 2008. Joined PH in 2013.. I made it to Best member poem of the day back in March 2014 with my Poem titled I'll Hold You Close..Also January 2022 with my Poems I Could Have Danced All Night and Back From Reality... February 2022 Poem titled Forget You Not …March 2022 for my poem Gone In A Blink Of An Eye…May 2022 Poem titled Will I See You Tonight? My poems are mostly about my own life experiences and straight from the heart x

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24 November 2021

Dreams are our anticipation in life. Hold onto them. They are our unknown destiny.

24 November 2021

Those who give and expect nothing in return are free of disappointments.

24 November 2021

Respect the old, as they are the roots of life

09 December 2021

Life is not always a bed of roses. Beware of the nettles.

09 December 2021

Greed is the stem of jealousy, it creates a monster, that will not rest until it gets what it wants.

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Bri Edwards 23 December 2021

I just read your 2013 'A Childhood Summer'. I enjoyed it and left a comment. Thanks. And i read another about school days. : ) bri

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Jayne Davies 25 December 2021

Thank you ??

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Mike Wiliams 31 October 2020

I like your poems so much, so much I read one of them out at a remeberance parade here in the city of s-Hertogenbosch Holland. I hope you don't mind as it was appreciatedby the poeple that were there. It was in memory of the 53rd Welsh Division that liberated the city.The poem was Honour The Brave" . It was a somber service due to covid 19 that only 10 poeple were officially allowed to be there. Thank you. Mike Williams

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Richard Beevor 24 April 2014

A childhood summer: I remember my summer days too, thanks for the memory, although in a different part of the country to you. Thanks again

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Jayne Davies 31 March 2014

Thanks Julie, glad you like it! x

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Julie Geddis 26 March 2014

I loved your poem, In my life you will always be there. It made my heart feel alot. ThankYou. Keep up the encouraging words of grace.

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The Best Poem Of Jayne Louise Davies

I'll Hold You Close

Distant memories lost in time,
I close my eyes and think of you.
Memories of the way we were,
Glaze my eyes, like morning dew.

I hear your voice so clearly now,
A loving smile, lights up your face.
We walk together, hand in hand,
Then head for home, that special place.

I miss your love, I miss those times,
The love you shared, your love for me.
It broke my heart, you fell asleep,
No greater friend will ever be.

I'll hold your memory close to heart,
Your love will flow within my veins.
I'll hold you close, right to the end,
My dear Mum, we'll meet again.

Jayne Louise Davies Popularity

Jayne Louise Davies Popularity

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