Sneha Murali

In Nature's Bosom - Poem by Sneha Murali

(Written in collaboration with Abhimanyu Raman)

I was dreaming in the midst of flowers
Lay asleep there,
so deep in sun's caress
How many lifetimes have i lied here dreaming? ..
Not how many lifetimes, but how many seconds
have I been dreaming
For the breeze
kept stirring me up as i just lay there,
nonchalant amidst a thousand blooms
How am i to indite such a sight?
As sleep plunged itself, taking half of me with it,
leaving half of me in fear, of never waking up
If i could die now, I would hug a million daisies and cry tears of green blood
I would forever lie in the sarcophagus belonging to nature
I wish to spring, to bring myself to bloom
like all the flowers at the edge of doom
And from the edge to the abyss, i stand, i fall
down to where there are flowers no more
Only the dying rot of ancient longing, lost in search for completion
i dust myself, dirty from the fall.
i find myself surrounded no more by flowers,
just a deserted version of hell.
i wondered where nature went,
how could i vent?
perhaps i did die, and perhaps i may have underestimated the other side of nature.
hell did have a shade of green,
but nothing that seemed serene,
a blink, and two more, i was in hell no more.
back to where i always laid
a land where i wasn't afraid.
dreams tend to drift from their path,
if you don't hold on to it with all your heart.
wash down, the pain and the rot, i look up to the sky that was mine
Time could not tear me apart
With nay a flower or beast in sight
Just wandering souls like mine, filled with remorse or worse
I walk to the wall, that once was a canyon
I hold its edge, and strive to cry
But no amount of tears shed shall bring back
those forgotten dreams, so i sleep,
and i try to make new fresh ones
i try to imagine myself in other parts of nature's best
and i derive comfort from it's consolations
empty land or grassy green field will all be the same
in the end, the line dissolves between insane and sane

Copyright © 2010 by Sneha Murali & Abhimanyu Raman

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