Merle Steinmann

In Our Stead - Poem by Merle Steinmann

Do you ever think

what it really is that

puts you where you are

and someone else where

they are knowing that some

have it better, some have it worse?

How did all of those people come to

live in Pompei when Vesuvius decided

to blow its’ top leaving them cast in lava

to endure forever or for at least a long damn

time? Why them, why not you, how did they

become unlucky and you lucky? What about the

Titanic? Nice ship, all the amenities. Even the band

which played on. Why them, why not you? You like

fancy things, don’t you? Why weren’t you there? Where

were you by the way? Couldn’t you afford the ticket?

What about war? Why didn’t you get into the Rev-

olution? Why not the Civil War? How about the

WW’s, or Waterloo or The War of the Roses?

or what about a fight that’s coming along?

You just don’t seem to be doing your part!

If all you have to do is sit around reading

things that come your way maybe you

need to get out more, get more into

things that are really important

like disasters, wars, attacks,

By the way, if you aren’t

taking part, how are you

occupying your time?

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 23, 2010

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