In The Deserts Of Exile Poem by Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

In The Deserts Of Exile

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Spring after spring,
In the deserts of exile,
What are we doing with our love,
When our eyes are full of frost and dust?

Our Palestine, green land of ours;
Its flowers as if embroidered of women's gowns;
March adorns its hills
With the jewel-like peony and narcissus;
April bursts open in its plains
With flowers and bride-like blossoms;
May is our rustic song
Which we sing at noon,
In the blue shadows,
Among the olive trees of our valley
And in the ripeness of the fields
We wait for the promise of July
And the joyous dance amidst the harvest.

O land of ours where our childhood passed
Like dreams in the shade of the orange-grove,
Among the almond-trees in the valleys—
Remember us now wandering
Among the thorns of the desert,
Wandering in rocky mountains;
Remember us now
In the tumult of cities beyond deserts and seas;
Remember us
With our eyes full of dust
That never clears in our ceaseless wandering.
They crushed the flowers on the hills around us,
Destroyed the houess over our heads,
Scattered our torn remains,
Then unfolded the desert before us,
With valleys writhing in hunger
And blue shadows shattered into red thorns
Bent over corpses left as prey for falcon and crow.

Is it from your hills that the angels sang to the shepherds
Of peace on earth and goodwill among men?
Only death laughed when it saw
Among the entrails of beasts
The ribs of men,
And through the guffaw of bullets
It went dancing a joyous dance
On the heads of weeping women.

Our land is an emerald,
But in the deserts of exile,
Spring after spring,
Only the dust hisses in our face.
What then, what are we doing with our love?
When our eyes and our mouth are full of frost and dust?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: suffering
Michael Walkerjohn 21 October 2014

Aloha Jabra Ibrahim Jabra... Of peace on earth and goodwill among men... If not for the sadness of the situation, this would be the pinnacle of my first memory of Palestine... your post exhibits a solemn expressive thought to our readership and to the world... the natures of men, determined by the size and destructive power of the weapons of death they wield... a sin that will soon be rectified... where there is unjustified conflict, there are always those beings watching... and communicating the truth of these matters to more high authorities... you may count on this as fact... Only death laughed when it saw Among the entrails of beasts The ribs of men coming soon to every abode on earth... Thank you for profound and heartfelt message to all of US... all of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two

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Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

Bethlehem / Palestine
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