Nezim Frakulla

In The Dust Left By Your Footsteps - Poem by Nezim Frakulla

Listen to me, my beloved,
No peace do I find without you,
Life with you is like a rose bud,
When you're absent, life a sinful.

Thus it is and thus will e'er be,
No joy knows my heart without you,
And my body, may it wither
In the dust left by your footsteps.

You're my soul and you're my spirit,
I am but a wretched body,
You're my remedy and vigour,
I've lost pride and reputation.

I'm so in love, you hold my heart,
I'm nightingale, you're bow'r of roses,
You are spring, I'm flower garden,
You're the perfume I respire.

You are Leila, I am Mexhnun,
You're the doctor, I'm the patient,
I am gold, and you're alchemy,
I'm confusion, you are order.

I am Ferhad, you are Shirin,
You're a falcon, I'm a rock dove,
I am Muslim, you are Islam,
I'm the faithful, you are imam.

You're my king, and I'm the beggar,
You're my moon, and I am night time,
You're the dawn, and I await you,
You're the twilight, I am evening...

I'm your slave and you're the master,
You're the guardsman, I'm your sabre,
I'm the ball, and you're the striker,
I'm the bird whose heart you've captured...

Of my life you are the river,
On this planet I am Hizir,
You're fulfilment of my longing,
I'm the slave who begs for mercy...

You're my whim and my desire,
You're my mystery and secret,
I am Hafiz of Shiraz, and
I'm the Sa'adi of our lifetime.

You're the treasure of compassion,
I am both Said and Shevket,
You're the rainfall of my mercy,
I'm a shell of nacre shining.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 25, 2012

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