In The End Poem by Joanne Kearsey

In The End

They've taken my words from me,
They've taken my mind from me,
But they cannot have my body again,
These hands are mine to fight with to be free.

I will keep moving forward, these legs are strong even though my back lurches forward,
None of us are perfect, we try our best with what we have around us,
I never say what we are given, because what we are given is twisted and cruel,
The world is warped to make monsters of the innocent, and that's what makes us dangerous.

We are what we are, take it or leave it. There is no changing our core.
We are beautiful and horrible, just depends on the perspective,
We will never be everything to everyone,
But that's not the point anymore, breaking us all down to nothing isn't very productive.

The fear of condemnation and ridicule stops us from being content with what we have,
I never say happy, as it is very fleeting, there are moments of pure happiness, yes,
But to be constantly in that state would be exhausting and would not be easy to maintain,
Why change, unless absolutely needed, to what society tells us is normal is anyone's guess.

Besides, there really is no normal, a quote I always remember:
"Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly"
I know it's source, but its's meaning still rings true, what's normal for me may not be for you,
You may like my world, or you may not, that's not for me to tell, and it's not for us to always comply.

We can keep moving forward, whether our bodies work fully or not,
That doesn't matter anymore, it's the sentiment of things changing for the better,
When will it be over for us as humans, who knows? ! ,
But one day we will be wiped from the face of this earth when the world finally goes underwater.

In the end it doesn't really matter what we try and do to save this world, we can only try to make it better,
The world will wipe us from it, leaving the truly innocent creatures free to roam wild,
We have done too much damage to be saved, the only thing left for us really is fade away to nothing,
This sentiment may be inflammatory to some, but for me it's put a bit too mild.

03/03/2021 - edited on 10/05/2024.

Joanne Kearsey

Joanne Kearsey

Brighton, England
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