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In The Ripples Of The Torn Sky - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

In the Ripples of the Torn Sky By Flowetic Justice

I still see you

in those filtering silent moments

when the dawn breaks hard

and the light of the coming day

warms me like the breath of of a lost angel

and I recall your touch

and then the tears fall

wet in their cascade

on my cheek

I still see you

when the weeping day

is hovering at it's peak

your face created there

in the breathing glow

of the dancing sun

merging with the beauty

of the fires of the sky

and though I attempt to smile

the ache in me returns

in the howl of the space

carved by your absence

and my heart grieves

once more

I still see you

when the day makes it's retreat

as the golden orb of solar fire

retires over the beckoning horizon

when there is the seeping calm

before the sky goes dark

and I am left alone

in the company of my beating heart

your image is there before me

like a painting made with the mind

suspended in the cradle of time

of what once was

and what could still be

I can feel you near me

as if I am found within your eyes

as I sit there viewing the ribbons

of light that streak deep

within the fabric of the sky

the river that flows in me

holds an empty vessel

the one we used to travel within

and it is then that I realize

that there is still time

for the two to find their path

on the waves of a waiting love

I still see you

when the sky becomes

the endless cloak of night

and my eyes turn to the stars

I see your face amongst

the scattering twinkles

and it shines brightest of all

my heart flutters then

and beasts faster as I reach for you

and then you are gone

but the image still remains

with me as always

like the notes of our favorite song

always and forever

seemed to be just a title

until I found you

and before I close my eyes to sleep

I know that there can be

another page for us

that still can be written

for true love never dies

it just soars as it flies

in the ripples of the torn sky

Thoughts of as Single Man 2012 tm

Topic(s) of this poem: missing you

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