Thoughts of a Single Man

Thoughts of a Single Man Poems

1. Bad Religion 8/26/2012
2. In The Ripples Of The Torn Sky 8/26/2012
3. The Ink Is Her 8/26/2012
4. In This Moment 8/26/2012
5. Genius Of Love 8/26/2012
6. Just A Window On The Train 8/27/2012
7. Suicide Girl 8/27/2012
8. My Angel 8/28/2012
9. A Letter Left In Glass 8/28/2012
10. Scream 8/28/2012
11. I Monster 8/29/2012
12. Devil In The Corner 8/29/2012
13. The Dogs In The Yard 8/29/2012
14. The Girl Downstairs 8/29/2012
15. Woman That You Are 8/29/2012
16. Philadelphia Rain 8/30/2012
17. Gentle Are The Leaves That Float In The Lotus Mind 8/30/2012
18. The Long Way Home 8/30/2012
19. Soul Groove 8/30/2012
20. The Day The Ships Came Rolling Onto Shore 8/30/2012
21. The Beautiful Mind 8/30/2012
22. Tears Of A Rose 8/30/2012
23. My Demon 8/30/2012
24. Slither The Pen 8/30/2012
25. Flight Of The Dove 8/30/2012
26. A Mermaid's Lullaby 8/30/2012
27. A Kiss Left In Poetry 9/1/2012
28. Poetic Dreams 9/1/2012
29. Scattered Pictures 9/1/2012
30. Footsteps On The Ledge 9/1/2012
31. The Ballad Of Broken Joe 9/3/2012
32. Imagine 9/3/2012
33. Tears Of The Dove 9/3/2012
34. Race-The Final Frontier 9/9/2012
35. Jelly On The Floor 9/9/2012
36. Dance Of The Puppets 9/26/2012
37. Night Vision 10/12/2012
38. When The Willows Weep No More 10/13/2012
39. The Colors Of Her Pain 10/25/2012
40. A Thespian's Love Affair 12/16/2012
Best Poem of Thoughts of a Single Man

Deep Run The Roots In The Tree Of Our Love

Deep Run the Roots in the Tree of our Love

We are two seeds
that were planted in the field of fate
laid deep in the lush gardens
just beyond the seal of heavens gate
the waters of the rain
fell from the sky
like crystals drops
that sprinkled their moisture
on our hearts
and it was that moment
suspended in the hourglass of time
that we were destined to never part
we have grown together
over the years
intertwined like the birthing vine
in our hopes and fears
whispering silent prayers
in each others ears
all the time bonded so ...

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The Ink Is Her

Each word she writes is a portion of the palette which is her creative delight. Painted on the canvas of her soul and is left as a gift to the eyes that captures the fragments of all that she is. Her insight, her fear, her courage, her desires, and her never ending fire. Revealed in just a glimpse of what lies within her and what is graciously displayed in the many shades of the ink that is her.

The ink is her voice, and is what she uses to express what is held within her. Words that have

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