Thoughts of a Single Man

Beautiful Me - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

I am beautiful
I am love
I am caring sharing always daring
to speak what only others think
to greet the evil and fool hardy with a wink
so kind in mind
that after a long while I realized
I wasted so much time
there is a reason
why there are so few good people in the world
it is so they stand out extending their aroma
open arms and hand out
to their fellow man
but the in a moment of inception
when the real defines direction
I find my self ready
I walk a new path
free from the weight
of the dirty fat swollen albatross
and the clawing fingers of femnants
mere tattered remnants
who neither knew me or could understand
that I write for the thrill
of the pen hitting the page
my muse my sage
the coming of age
expressive fire fuels my desire
it heals the hurting soul
it gives the rage control
the ringing the tolling bell
if shall answer the call
to my own heart
for it is never to late
to make to make a new start
I have done so much in so little time
that if I am inclined to believe
the world shall be mine
for this life is what you make it
my heart none can break it
my determination none can shake it
my fire shall forge on
in a blaze of greatness
though I will pause
for the thick and naked
I feel so free in the rise of the dawn
my belief is strong my grief is gone
the slate is clean
wiped fresh like the mooring dew
as endless as the ocean blue
I am born anew
and now
you will learn what I have been trying to say all along
but so few take the time to see
I am single not because I have to be
to but because I choose to be
till I can find some one when deserves me
my love
my life
my wisdom
my worth
phases displayed in my second birth
and on this day
I will claim as a new birth date
my riding of fate
the magnificent
the wonderful
the kind
the humble
the great and
beautiful me

Thoughts of a Single Man 2012tm

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 30, 2012

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