In The Shadow Of The Palace Poem by Carl Sandburg

In The Shadow Of The Palace

Rating: 2.5

LET us go out of the fog, John, out of the filmy persistent drizzle on the streets of Stockholm, let us put down the collars of our raincoats, take off our hats and sit in the newspapers office.

Let us sit among the telegrams-clickety-click-the kaiser's crown goes into the gutter and the Hohenzollern throne of a thousand years falls to pieces a one-hoss shay.

It is a fog night out and the umbrellas are up and the collars of the raincoats-and all the steamboats up and down the Baltic sea have their lights out and the wheelsmen sober.

Here the telegrams come-one king goes and another-butter is costly: there is no butter to buy for our bread in Stockholm-and a little patty of butter costs more than all the crowns of Germany.

Let us go out in the fog, John, let us roll up our raincoat collars and go on the streets where men are sneering at the kings.

Michael Walker 29 August 2019

I like this powerful poem addressed to John, repetition of 'Let us go out', long' exciting lines. A passionate poem driven by hatred of monarchy- 'men are sneering at the kings'-and implied preference for the republic. Writers fawn over the British monarchy in magazines these days, and it is good to read an alternative point of view. This is one of Sandburg's best poems, the way I read it.

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