Indescribable Poem by Kayoko Kan


Rating: 3.5

What can I say
That has not already
Been put so eloquently
By you.

The essence sometimes
Is silence
And knowing
And feeling.

A feeling that wants
And has the write
To remain silent,
So to speak.

A feeling that wants
To be protected,
Even from itself,
As it is......

It is......
That which lights up
My face.

But you,
Sum it up

Pheko Motaung 11 July 2012

Don't be lazy please! The world needs you! Your poetry is healing! Give us more.Thank you for pitying the like of poor me who admirers you fabulous poetry.Be my empress of poetry if you will.Please

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Kayoko Kan 10 July 2012

Thanks for the constructive feedback Jacob. Yes I agree, philosophical instead of descriptive, will make time soon to get into the zone to describe the indescribable, have been a lazy poet!

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Jacob Bearer 09 July 2012

This is quite a philosophical piece; and I enjoy that aspect of it. Yes, the essence of the indescribable speaks in silence, when we let it simple be. Your words sum up the mystery of the indescribable well. Maybe some food for thought on how to workshop the poem: what is the feel of the indescribable like? How would you describe what a face lit up looks like - how are your eyes speaking to the wonder of what you are seeing and what is speaking to you? And, perhaps the poem could do well by nixing the first stanza and moving right into: The essence [ ] / is silence [...]. Just some thoughts from a fumbling poet like myself. Peace to you and keep writing, please.

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