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(For my friends @

Here's one of your own boss!
Read some of his poems!
And put him
Out of his miseries!

In the mountains...the royal
Eagle spreads his wings! And
The brilliant sun shows the
Majesty of his mighty talons!

Thou mighty troubadour of Heaven!
Thou proud citizen of the lascivious sky!
Invite me to thy fabulous palace of
Thy unconstrained tax free haven where thou

The moon my darling!
We meet under the moon
So you kiss me here
And the crazy moon winks

We enter this new era on
the wings of the new era
To usher in peace into the heart
of blessed humanity

If you have the time
And read what's
Written on my tombstone

My children are staring hunger in the face
They're cursed be the hewers and the sewers of wood
For the rest of their doomed lives
They call any man who throws crumbs at them dad

(To Lady G.After the last encounter...)

It is soft

Do not come to haul
Me out of my poverty.Rush
To end your own poverty
Of the spirit.I wallow alone

When they rise and applaud
Where you went wrong don't
Unplug the suicidal tendencies
Lay your head next to your torn

Today amidst the mist
Just after dusk way after
The in-betweeners have done
Done their thrill seeker's

You used to be so
All the girls in town
Used to dream about you

You are the single most
Important influence in my life
Distance is cruel to us
You are stuck in your gloom

Where doubt
Fills every heart
Wield the rose of

I am always available
To, drink your love potion that
You prepare with meticulous
Care in the age of globalisation

To the current crop
Of the world's kings
And presidents and
Prime ministers

Over there I am
Declared persona non grata
That one wants to lure you
To his lair where danger lurks

My purest love
I rejoice I am
In the city of love
God blessed

The white man
In the white house
On the snowy side
Of the white Pyrenees

Pheko Motaung Biography

Hustler.Interested in all the religions of the world 'cause I think they're all probably telling mankind the truth.Interested in philosophy.Afraid of people who move their lips when they read, afraid of people who would kill a poem, abhors all killing.Am a lover of the arts and nature.Wishes to marry a poet.Wishes the world peace and love and sistrenhood.Wants to learn from everybody.)

The Best Poem Of Pheko Motaung

(lonely Poems) To The Poets

(For my friends @

Fellow poets!

Here's one of your own boss!
Read some of his poems!
And put him
Out of his miseries!

In the universe of the poet
It's so silent
You can hear a pin drop!

Be swayed not
By the hurly burly of life!
Aloofness from the suffering
Of the surly throng is the essence!

May solitude be your brother! Silence
Be the middle name of your sister!
You're alone when you write!

I, Ngaka Motaung!

I have sounded the war drums to a revolution!

Be brave my friends!
Fear nothing and fear nobody!
A tearjerker poet might as well
Find another profession to kill their
Talent with dull regular monotony!
Listen to what your heart says!
Believe in the power of your visionary imagination!
And that exhausts the exclamation mark! !

Pheko Motaung Comments

Morgan Star 30 May 2012

love it it is so great keep on writing

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Wahab Abdul 24 February 2012

This poetess is tremendously talented, see her poems, all are full of gems, i think the future is belong to her. My dear poetess keep writing marvellous poems, God bless you.

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Pheko Motaung Quotes

Quotations about Freedom 1. Freedom is a sly word that means Mired in poverty

Very often we must pretend to show pity and shed false tears and make lousy speeches to express our remorse.The terrible truth is that the poor are evil.Then we must sit down with or without them and decide to perpetuate their poverty or end it now.

Quotations about Poverty 1. There is poetic justice in the savagery of the deed.The poor are powerful.If they don't eat we don't sleep. 2. If you are a lawless bandit in your heart and you want someone to commit a crime while you pretend to be a law abiding citizen hire the services of a poor man.That is why the rulers of the world will never end the scourge of poverty as far as I know 4. When the perpetrator is apprehended large quantities of alcoholic beverages are found in his hard stomach. Therefore the consumption of alcohol must be blamed for encouraging people to commit crime 5. In some parts of the world one does not call by name for fear of victimisation the repeat offender is a hero.The other who has not seen the inside of a cell in jail is looked at with loathing and called a half cent man 6. Some young men commit crimes because they are married in jail and they miss their spouses

Quotations about leadership 1. The only thing that succeeds brilliantly to Reduce me to tears is the gullibility of the led.

Family quotations 1. Not everybody must be allowed to marry.Marriage and married life is a talent.And very few can make babies who are born with the quality of genius

Quotes about old age 1. You have no future to look forward.You are past the retirement age.You and the guys of your generation are a good example of what youthful exuberance is not about. You got born at the wrong time.I was born at the right time.The only future that you have is the one that you squandered. 2. In a group of ganja smoking men he blames everything on old age and his poor eyesight.But when a beauty brings eyesight to the blind his eyes follow her movements with the keen eyesight of one whose mind is consumed by the fires of lust

Quotes about crime 1. I think the crooks have my phone number.My phone has betrayed me to the underworld.I get messages that say I am number three after Donald Trump.My response, my weapon against this kind of counterfeit nocturnal activity is to feign stupid ignorance and keep my bank balance healthy. 2. One day I beat the champion sumo wrestler of Japan to a pulp. Admittedly the fellow was dead drunk.My wife has a black belt in Yagyu Ryu style ju jutsu.She is lightning fast with the reflexes of the electric eel.If some lout of a bum wants to make love to my wife he better catch her in the right mood or get the beating of his life.

Quotes about the human mind 1. The guilty mind is always defending the indefensible 2. You know they had you in their minds if your sudden approach is greeted by the long lingering silence

Quotes about Languages 1. Talk to the next fellow in his language and he will follow you like a dog

Quotes about Marriage 1. A daughter-in-law in Africa is a young married woman who is supervised by a bitter old woman 2.Peace is the first casualty when the matriarchal mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law must compete for the same resources 3. Have a chaotic and sad married life if you end every conversations with your wife with an uncalled reference to your mother 4.Warn here about the perils that might befall the marriage if she insists on making any of those incessant phone calls to him.Your wife is not married to your younger brother 5.If they never get embroiled in a blistering argument if they never fight fight to the bitter end and the neighbours do not come to separate them if the marriage is made in heaven like that then the marriage is built on a false foundation stone of lies 6. Many who do not know the pain of losing their first love in their late teens want to behave like infatuated sixteen year olds and have extramarital affairs and destabilize the family 7.When she talks about the visit of her parents her eyes are full of love.When she is told that the relatives of her husband are standing outside in the rain her voice is drunk with the passion of rage

Quotations about Race And Racism 1. Must the first black man who says black men and sex are inseparable be classified as a racist? 2. The rapist differs from the racist in that rape is power.Racism is a deep seated feeling of fear of the unknown and a stupid refusal to grant others the right to be different 3. There is no cure for tribalism! 4. Every ethnic conflict that errupts on the continent of Africa must be blamed on the curse of tribalism

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Pheko Motaung Popularity

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