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Hustler.Interested in all the religions of the world 'cause I think they're all probably telling mankind the truth.Interested in philosophy.Afraid of people who move their lips when they read, afraid of people who would kill a poem, abhors all killing.Am a lover of the arts and nature.Wishes to marry a poet.Wishes the world peace and love and sistrenhood.Wants to learn from everybody.

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(lonely Poems) To The Poets

(For my friends @

Here's one of your own boss!
Read some of his poems!
And put him
Out of his miseries!

In the mountains...the royal
Eagle spreads his wings! And
The brilliant sun shows the
Majesty of his mighty talons!

(africa Poems) Eagle Metaphor

Thou mighty troubadour of Heaven!
Thou proud citizen of the lascivious sky!
Invite me to thy fabulous palace of
Thy unconstrained tax free haven where thou

(africa Poems) Nostalgia

The moon my darling!
We meet under the moon
So you kiss me here
And the crazy moon winks

Peace Unto You

We enter this new era on
the wings of the new era
To usher in peace into the heart
of blessed humanity

Pheko Motaung Quotes

31 December 2015

Quotations about Freedom 1. Freedom is a sly word that means Mired in poverty

31 December 2015

Very often we must pretend to show pity and shed false tears and make lousy speeches to express our remorse.The terrible truth is that the poor are evil.Then we must sit down with or without them and decide to perpetuate their poverty or end it now.

31 December 2015

Quotations about Poverty 1. There is poetic justice in the savagery of the deed.The poor are powerful.If they don't eat we don't sleep. 2. If you are a lawless bandit in your heart and you want someone to commit a crime while you pretend to be a law abiding citizen hire the services of a poor man.That is why the rulers of the world will never end the scourge of poverty as far as I know 4. When the perpetrator is apprehended large quantities of alcoholic beverages are found in his hard stomach. Therefore the consumption of alcohol must be blamed for encouraging people to commit crime 5. In some parts of the world one does not call by name for fear of victimisation the repeat offender is a hero.The other who has not seen the inside of a cell in jail is looked at with loathing and called a half cent man 6. Some young men commit crimes because they are married in jail and they miss their spouses

31 December 2015

Quotations about leadership 1. The only thing that succeeds brilliantly to Reduce me to tears is the gullibility of the led.

31 December 2015

Family quotations 1. Not everybody must be allowed to marry.Marriage and married life is a talent.And very few can make babies who are born with the quality of genius

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Morgan Star 30 May 2012

love it it is so great keep on writing

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Wahab Abdul 24 February 2012

This poetess is tremendously talented, see her poems, all are full of gems, i think the future is belong to her. My dear poetess keep writing marvellous poems, God bless you.

3 2 Reply