Inniskeen Road: July Evening Poem by Patrick Kavanagh

Inniskeen Road: July Evening

Rating: 3.1

The bicycles go by in twos and threes -
There's a dance in Billy Brennan's barn to-night,
And there's the half-talk code of mysteries
And the wink-and-elbow language of delight.
Half-past eight and there is not a spot
Upon a mile of road, no shadow thrown
That might turn out a man or woman, not
A footfall tapping secrecies of stone.
I have what every poet hates in spite
Of all the solemn talk of contemplation.
Oh, Alexander Selkirk knew the plight
Of being king and government and nation.
A road, a mile of kingdom, I am king
Of banks and stones and every blooming thing.

Claire Carthy 19 August 2007

I love this poem! conveys the lonliness and isolation he felt as a poet in a great way..

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Mike Coxlong 12 January 2021

Very deep poem and lyrical too

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C Long 12 June 2020

In a certain mood anyone can feel like this; not just a poet. Like you're missing out on something you should be at, but nobody thought to invite you (maybe because you inhabit a different mind zone) . So you're left with spiteful feelings and loneliness - driving you to write poetry!

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Adrian Mullane 14 June 2010

another fav of mine. 'footfall tapping screcies of stone...' brilliant!

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Eime G 28 April 2010

Kavanagh demonstrates his detachment from the social world of rural Ireland through his imagery. He is isolated and lonley but only so he can preform his duties as a poet. He has voluntarily abandoned this world.

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Benny Busker 08 April 2009

It is important to note that all Patrick Kavanagh's poems are still in copyright. They cannot be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Copyright © Estate of Katherine Kavanagh

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John 27 March 2021

This is rubbish, is he words of a brilliant dead poet must be heard.

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