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Inspiration For Passion - Poem by jassy galacio

Every moment with undying dreams
Every pavement with loud screams
Thy wondering spirit along these streams
Is contained by a missing passion with gleams

Isolated within a sentiment of eagerness and zeal
It's like driving life like a spinning wheel
Life as we know it can sometimes be surreal
Just remember there is still so much to reveal

We always feel there is something missing
We always reach to his hand and keep on chasing
In this crossroad of inspiration we are searching
Like the humming bird in the heavens that is soaring

We sometimes say we are wholly incomplete
We sometimes utter that our life is in offbeat
However, keep in mind life is a never-ending upbeat
Such a sweet music of fate under the clear sheet

We always hear this tamed unspoken music
We always try to engrave a personal lyric
We constantly strive to uncover a tricky magic
However, a process undergone is not that quick

I never thought I could find something like this
I never imagined I could live life with such bliss
Now I can believe destiny is working well I promise
A whispering echo of desire blowing this tender kiss

I may not be able to find what is missing
I may not be able to realize my calling
I may not be able to understand all these phasing
Without this person whom inspired me to start writing

Now I have this passion that made me complete
A fiery yearning of fervor that started this drumbeat
Never again, will I left my passion and then retreat
I will constantly remember how it made my heartbeat

This desire and passion I will always keep
This feeling of wholeness is never going to sleep
It will linger forever beneath this ocean deep
All this vigor and vitality will continue to leap

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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