Lacey Saulisbury

Rookie (4/9/96 / Santa Anna)

Invisible Emotionless - Poem by Lacey Saulisbury

I'm Speckeled with you glory, yet I still feel the Shame.
Eveverything's so different, But I still Feel the Same.
You tell me to be confident, and my anger gets the best of me.
You try to make it better, But I just want you to leave.

And when you do, I have nothing to do.
But cry, and die, and show off my inside.
But its no show, and you'll never see.
I'm too good at hiding what gets the best of me.

I'll stare in the mirrior, chanting the same thing,
I Hate You, I Hate You, set on repeat to ring.
And I know that it's true, Because I Hate this life too,
and its just plain to see,
all of what gets the best of me.

You see me so happy, you don't know anything's wrong,
but you never stay long enough to hear my true song.
only when I'm alone, and they're is no one I can see,
is when you'll really know what gets the best of me.

The fake smiles I make, and live on from day to day.
Fool you, so very easily, You don't see I'm not okay.
and Mabey you wont ever ever see,
what gets the best of me.

I still walk, and you dont notice my sad, depressing state,
and when you finally figure it out, It will have been to late.
by then It wont really matter, but you will finally see,
exactly what it was, that got the best of me.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 2, 2009

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