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Is That Your Daddy - Poem by Louis Borgo

I was Homebound
Most of high school, days turn into months and months turn into years all
I remember is sweet lullabies from listen to music who can relation-
Good think about it I got to set my own hours as long as my homework got finish
My time of focus ten to twelve the quite storm straight R&B it would come on the radio
It was this lady on the radio
With the most sooth smooth angelica voice you every what to hear
So I’m playing this video game call Juice a race car game it was a demo
It had potential I just can’t make the turn on it
It was that or Halo and I had already completed that on legendary
So what was it to do work out?
So I turn up the volume and on the quite storm they had this session where they read a poem
On air and told listener to call in and you your poem might be read on the air
I think that is the reason why write I start to write poetry
Well I don’t remember much of school but listen to radio and the quite storm
A person would not believe all the R&B song I heard
It goes back to this Artist’s that said
“He never had a father it like the music was his father and music made a major impact in there life”
What my mom always whatever you program your mind to listen is what you become
And music is powerful thing-
Well Years later and I know nobody going to belief me but once in a well
Wilkins Research call a few times out of the year it was this young lady
Sound right about my age and you can tell most of time if a woman beautiful
By her voice most of time
I’m shy not but for some reason not that nught and
I was watch the CW I think and The Vampire Diaries was on I want try to answer her question
As quickly as possible so I can focus on tonight’s episode
I remember it like it
call last for a hour Im thinking is this Wilkins Research so we went through radio stations
To pacific question and then to rank them from a one being less favorite
To five being the best have you every heard of this politician DJ Analyst,
So what age are you? Are you the head of house hold?
Any kids in the house whole? What is this the Interview?
I have miss the entire episode there goes the highlight of my week.
I’m think to myself I don’t have the answer for everything
I’m twenty something and some change
Yeah they ask me be motivation speaker
What I’m suppose to tell Tommy Phil Lil Chuckie Susie and Angelica
All I know
When they said to be good as school I said to myself I need
More information answer all the question
You Shonuff Ain’t gone make it through recess just think about it
I remember they would bring In motivation speakers specifically for black males
I said to myself I thought they had jokes about me that’s one day I say people was think about
Distance Rate Time And Velocity man has time change but I will say we change all the school systems in
Our county let’s keep it 300 up in here for sure
“Hey brother”
So what I did when I came back to school it was something call a Buddy system
Unofficial but official it was five underclassmen they was like we remember you
AKA “Jason Is My Nickname”
So I friend them on Facebook and watch them the Entire time through college I ain’t the type to want to
Be a Role model but them; lets tally the poll once again
“Hey brother”
And on another note I don’t watch Tv like I used most of the time it is hearting breaking news
On the news I mostly listen to music the only Tv channel I watch is CW
Got your cartoons and got your soap operas reallie that is what there is called
So when get a girlfriend know what it is and what time it is and leave it on that channel
Because if you don’t it is going be one of those nights
I look up on Tv it was the summer time around the time my first book came out it was the first CW Awards Show and I was listen to radio and the city that the station is in
In our state said half of the child parents is in prison no ly
They put in a law and for some reason it was never been inforce
So I was listing to the radio station and on another day they said on
Wednesday a half an hour is dedication to teens for them to address their problems I said to
Myself out loud I think someone heard some of my poems I wrote
But it goes back to what I’m saying A Artists Once said
“He never had a father it was like music was his father
And music made a major impact on his life”
Is That Your Daddy


Topic(s) of this poem: humorous, political

Form: Ars Poetica

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I read a article call justbecause that is a blog they said they like my poem and gave wrote a paragraph why they idenify with it I never knew people read poems. Also I remember when social media was creation and allow fans to comment on episode of tv shows fans have inside joke about show can it be said it help them make new friends what is a app? If your Dad was a producer or Director would one be surprise? A Sense of Humor can go a long way Vampire Diaries is the next season this Tuesday?

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