Is True Love A Dream Poem by Scarred Unknown

Is True Love A Dream

Rating: 4.5

Why does it seem like life is always so far fetched
Like the air we breath the sun light we get
Is all just a magical dream
Moments that pass that make you wanna scream

Why does it seem like we lose control
We lose track of ourselves and of our goals
We hope to find that special one in life
The one to call a husband or to call a wife

Why does it seem like we search and never find
Why is it life has to reason or rhyme
We do we turn when we have no where to go
Where are our juliets where are our romeos

When we sit up all night waiting for some one to call
When we reach for every ring watch the clock in the hall
Wishing to hold someone all through the night
Sharing your love sharing your life

And when you think you found the one our hearts scare away
Are we afraid to succeed our we afraid they will stay
To look for a life time to search high and far
Could they be the one our bright shining star

We all reach a moment when we judge upon ourselves
Reach up to remove our heart from that shelf
To step out and put yourself on the line
Yet it often is only to find

You run into the same old tricks and those games
The ones we all know the ones filled with shame
The I love yous and all of those lies
The ones that sucker you the ones that bring crys

Those many a lonly nights I have had
The bitterness the tears ever so sad
I wish I could for once search then find
That special someone I can make mine

So if you have had these feelings Im sure
Those sappy pickup lines used as a lure
Then I know you will also agree
True love is starting to feel like a dream

written by my friend

Brian Hobin 29 March 2007

your friend is talented just like you

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