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My heart poring onto the page
I’m turning inside-out
On the outsides all people see
That’s what they think of me

All that they see is some smiling girl
That laughs away all of her troubles
Cause she’s just some rich girl in her own perfect life
Now don’t take this wrong it ain’t all that bad
But if you felt how I felt,
you just might understand

on the inside of these smiling eyes, tears reside
for the heart has been broken to many times
for this girl falls in love to many a time
cause behind what seemed the perfect guy
hid 3 girls and 2 children
for she never knew who she loved.
But finding these out her heart dug deep in memories
she stayed with him for as long as he would have her

she remembered back to a smiling guy
she fears the love he gave to her
knowing he was to perfect to be true
but when she gives in to the first kiss
her heart then given the first of her many mistakes
for once her heart given to her first love
but not soon after does it end
for he left her for her best friend

once she saddens from this memory
does a guy from only online
say whats wrong, nothing she says
although he knows it’s a lie
for she fears him now, she fears everyone,

she no longer believes in trust or true love
even this page does not show what everyone knows
or thinks they know
of the story of this smiling girl
always laughing having fun
but even now deeper inside resides a dark dark secret
that will never leave her mind
could this be her hearts suicide?

Wandering Scarlet 26 April 2008

wow lot of feelings going on here, a great blend, but a bit long for my taste, lol otherwise i liked it

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Greenwolfe 1962 01 April 2008

I agree with Denise about your talent to write. I just hope you keep giving yourself this outlet. GW62

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Denise F. 29 July 2007

i have to say after reading some of your other poems that you are a very talented writer..this is a very powerful poem..i love the last few lines...keep on writing you have a wonderful gift

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Brian Hobin 29 March 2007

this one really hit me. awesome job, powerful ending!

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Lylyanna Pilewski 24 October 2006

wow that is the most intense ending ever awesome emotion great job on this one. Lylyanna

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