Brittany Alexis Murphy

Island Time Forever - Poem by Brittany Alexis Murphy

We'll stand on the shore, hands on the hour.
Holding our breath, whispering words that turn sour.

Anorexia and promises, rebirthing and demolishes,
Feeding the mistakes to the ones that may honor it.

Scratching out the prophecy, reassuring on your own
Realizing how wrong everything is when you're left alone.

To be or not to be, to breathe or not to breathe.
Hearts beat, or skip a beat.
Patterns meet, reappear, repeat.

We had called ourselves the Dreamers,
Taking everything as it comes. Hoping one day you'd join all of us, somehow give in, finally succumb.

Gazes fall, bodies fall.

You're sitting there alone with your eyes fixed on a fan and you motion for attention with a whore in your hand,
You pray to a nothing, you see as if you are sure.

Telling everyone you know what's gonna happen, sucking up all the faces that portray satisfaction.

You remember when we were war, you remember when we were so mentally poor.

All is down, becoming one with the ground
Speaking a tongue so foreign its a terrible sound.

The sun will rise, next actions a surprise.

We are the ones, We can speak Braile.

We know every level, every detail of the bottomless Hell.
Education to the skin, several sentences with the Seven Deadly Sins.

No one ever screams, no one ever shouts. We're so happy, so full of anything but doubts.

The end drawer, the one on the left. We keep the living there, the souls that we test. Common sense. Sadly, past tense.

Move alone.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 10, 2011

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