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Isn'T It Something?

I could hum myself to sleep sometimes,
Pretend to be somewhere I'm not,
but there's no more room for those types of wishes,
There's no room for a single cry or yell for help,
my needy hear wants more than you were ever willing to give me,

But isn't it something when you come back from far far away,
And I swear boy, your skin didn't change in color,
Your heart did,
I could see the urgency of the stories that were to be released,
knowing my ears were open to hearing...

But isn't it something when...
you make a wish, and It comes true?
expectant love just escaping through
what we used to call home,
home what was to us as..
home was where we could sit together and
not complain about a single thing,

But isn't it something when...
You get so mad,
Throw away that place called home,
Go back on what you stood for, stood for so long dear...
I'm not afraid to move on my love,
I'm Afraid..

Isn't it something when...
You say, 'We can still be friends.'
But you know, They know, I know, Dear we all know...

Isn't it something when....
You used to fill the world with such love,
the ambiance was something just unbelievable...
I could cry all day at what you brought to me,
I could smile all day at how you treated others,
No matter what they've done,
No matter what they've said,
My love, you were happiness in a jar...

Isn't it something...
I'm the one who had closed the lid so tight,
oh, oh for so long!
My selfishness was greatly to much for
someone to bear wasn't it my dear? !
Wasn't it? !
But oh.. oh..

Isn't it something when...
You shattered that glass,
And Baby you'll never know how I watched you fly,
The farther you flew,
The longer It was to cry over such a thing like you,
Such a thing as you...

Isn't it something when...
You're sitting to wait for the world
to turn the other direction, and for everything else to change,
But only we change, not silly words or promises,
you're the one to believe in yourself.
Only when you have lost someone,
Someone such as a thing like yourself,
Dreams of the ghost who will haunt me
for the remaining days until I can get myself a forgiveness.

Dear Free love,
We've road down this high road,
Always stopping at a pit stop here and there,
But I think what really got us is, was who we had to become as a person,
I can't speak too much knowing I don't know who you are no longer, I'm sure,
I've changed, not yet polished but with these new insights love,
I won't lie, I've been down at the river baby,
pretending to be swimming with you,
I've been going down, down, down, down...
Can you hear the sounds from my well beating heart?
Figure it out...
I should have listened to you, Oh so many times,
I want to call you, ask how was California,
Pretend to not have remembered the stories,
But oh noo...
Who Care's,
But Baby maybe you can run down to the river with me still,
I'll tell you it's okay, it's okay...
But oh no...
We ended it for a reason, one that's not to be forgotten,
But F***king A, Who said a person would be in love for this long and suffer this amount?
Where is the turn off button? !

But Dear Free Love,
Even though I've went down.. down to my limit baby,
I've crawled up with the dirt under my nails,
I've come to see what you mean,
Friendship, love, life, all seems to have been a crazy illusion and now I'm understanding it much clearer...
I can say I've judged no man with a story behind his back since you left,
I can say although death had me at the hair, trying to drag me down,
and as I watched myself from above,
hazed by the trip,
I finally had the strength to say, 'Enough is Enough! '

I walked up the hill, I haven't walked past you yet,
That's for another day, a day to come someday,
I've thrown away what was right, and been listening to the wrong,
Cause baby society was the one who was playing with my mind,
Now I'm dancing with what's right,
I can tell you, you'd be proud of me,
And at some point, I can tell you would be just the same...

Isn't it something...
That all I think about it you, the way lovers should be,
That I regret who I had been and had to go through this long lasting heartach to discover who I really was,
That I love you, love you like it was just yesterday,
That I can't go through a day without the thoughts of you,
That I still wait around for someone who may or may not come...

But isn't it something that...
It's love that has been making me so strong,
preparing for any battle that comes this way,
It's love that has made me want to live a life without all the things that hurt you,

But Dear Free Love...
Looking back now no-matter how much I love you,
Cause believe me love, this can't go any higher, I promise you,
We couldn't be swimming in the river no longer,
Back then, If you wouldn't have left such a poor soul like me,
I wouldn't have ever once left your side,
I would have lost who I am now,
I would have lost all the options I have gotten now!
I would have thrown away my future away just for a single boy who didn't have his in check...

One day my free love,
When life seems to be settled,
You will tell me long takes about California, and I'll pretend that you brought me back seashells...
But Until then, I love you, I hope you're the man you should have become,
Cause baby you broke out of that jar to fly, not too fall...

Isn't it something that what I'm afraid is,
you forgetting such a poor thing like me,
Please remember... Remember..

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