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It Requires Courage To...

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It requires audacity to utter the actuality & also to bear it,
Till the last moment, even if the world force you to exit.

It requires dauntlessness to stand up for those who r absent, when they r being abused,
Your presence might give someone an aim in life & also strength to respond when affronted

It requires bravery to control the nerve at times of wrath,
And also the firmness to restrain from the wishes that take u to wrong path

It requires determination to live honestly on our means,

By working on our convictions and daily routines.
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Ameera Aidrus 01 September 2011

@bidyut sarma... :) thanksss... @sulaiman mohd yusof: thanks....... @ravi: thanks

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 15 August 2009

Courage to fight on, courage to live, thats made us stronger than ever.Nicely penned dear Ameera.

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Ravi Sathasivam 11 August 2009

True. Nice poem. Well penned

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Bidyut Sarma 09 April 2008

A real brave and honest person can be seen through the poem. A person with very positive mind appers before us. Than you for a nice poem.

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