Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

I was born in Buffalo Cage, Republic of Singapore.Life is so great, but is short.We have to restore the values and respect one's life, regardless of anything and everything.We are one, that is human.
I love to write, reading, watching movies.I adore the outdoors, games and sports.Music has been part of my life for a long time.I can play some of th ...
Popular Poems
Over The Rainbow
The morning rays of the Sun cling
On the upper bow of the Rainbow
Emerge after a moment ‘s dusk
Brown Pelicans and Western Gulls
*** Love Or Lust ***
The drought kills the thirst
Harvest is a rarity
Dry winds dance in skin deep heat
Leaves abandon trees
Flashing rays
Thunderous sound
Fire encases melting heat
Shrapnel ignominiously
* Send Me A Love *
The sound of running water
galvanizes the wound I endure
Since we met
No remedy could heal my injury
*** Australianisation ***
Sounds of gravel under heavy tires
Teasing the silence of little house in the
Bushes and surrounding of wild flowers
Open my exotic fear


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Exasperation 24 December 2019
You hit the top of the charts a decade ago and I didnt even know.
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Marly Santos 01 November 2019
Hi Sulaiman Mohd, how are you?
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Janelle Carter 18 March 2018
I love the way you picture this scenery in our heads. Its a great way to see the true colors of the rainbow! !
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Ejaz Khan 02 October 2009
Dear poet friend, I'm certain that by now you must have learnt the truth about these so called fans and friends of this site. It takes days before you're completely abandoned and forgotten. Wishing you all the best! Regrads
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Doug Morrow 26 August 2009
The Old House is great.Takes you there!
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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 21 August 2009
From: strickly asking (prison cause what i am seems to be disapproved United States; Female; 17) To: Sulaiman Mohd Yusof Date Time: 8/21/2009 12: 07: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: sully you write with such passion, i love your poems, it's really some of the best i've ever read, i really like 'the fall', although i will admit, i didnt quite understand it. you're amazing, please keep it up, you're wonderful
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Shamin Shah 14 August 2009
A very rousing and inspirational poem.The way you have used the words, metephors, similies and the way you have laid the poem it's awesome. really a true picture of nature. Best Wishes, Shamin
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Kimberly Mccreary 06 August 2009
A awesome poem such a colorful use of words.
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*_sakura ~daisy_* 30 July 2009
Dear friend, you give me more reason I read your peices filled with such calming inspiring....let goes and outbreaks of meanings....i want to become a better writer...any woman would be pleased to stay by your side....never stop writing and expressing yourself through is...a freedom we is a wonderful thing^^
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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 21 July 2009
A poem written by poet Patrick Martin; Title: To the beloved Sulaiman Mohd Yusof You are beloved, as is the touch of the butterfly, by the sunflower's petals. You are beloved, as is the dew drop, that quenches the rose's thirst. You are beloved, for your words of comfort, that strum the heart stings and bring peace to the soul. You are beloved, by the eyes that cry, as they look out upon the world, and witness man's destruction. Some day my beloved poet, I pray we may sit with mankind, and be at peace together. (c) 21st July 2009 Patrick Martin
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Lesego Phetlhe 21 July 2009
I get inspired evryday and this make my life better. I'm proud being South African
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Angel Janes 07 July 2009
your writings are amazing and inspirational. i would love to read more of them
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Wilfred Mellers 07 July 2009
I am not much of a writer but I write from my heart and feelings that wash over me live a downpour of rain in a monsoon. This is my opinion that is like a nose for everyone has one. Though interesting in content, it doesn't drag me into your world and keep me there. Genuine are the emotions in sounding but the flow lacks some luster to it. Think of it like a song with verses and a chorus if you will. It is good but I think it could be more descriptive. Hold the reader on the edge of their seat till the end to a gentle release. You are a good poet. I have to be honest with you for I hope you will show me the same amount of respect as I for you and your work. Keep up the good work and go with God.
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Mouktar Albert 04 July 2009
a poem written in the darker shade.
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Raven Upshaw 19 June 2009
wow that was umm intense i liked it tho it was good
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Chandra Ramsahoi 11 February 2009
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Amanda Wixom 28 January 2009
I really like this one. it has some lighthearted humor in the PS u added but that is true. Lust love whatever is an evil game but thank you for requesting that i read it thank you again Sincerely Amanda
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Catrina Heart 19 January 2009
The great Sulaiman Mohd Yusof aka Brett Sinclair, the best poet of his time ranked top most from all the poets now adays. His amazing compositions were written under his love, passion, desire it in alluring, sweet, sensual, romantic, a pure dedication of love...all master pieces recently give marks to the heart of everyone... Casanova, Sacred Bubbles, Coming out of Voodoo Spells: his unique opus which he penned with eloquence when he was still starting as a poet....As time goes by, Brett developed his magical pen into a golden one...making now all his oeuve in the top 500 list... Congratulations my good friend! ! ! ! ! ! ! God Bless you always.... Tons of love, Catrina Heart
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Clifton Cameron 17 January 2009
Good day brother. Your poem Love or Lust is wicked. You're very good with words. Keep it up and stay focus. Nice one, it's good and i like it because it's deep.
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