Ameera Aidrus Poems

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Mother-A Cure For Every Wound

She is the luminosity of the outlook of her child,
And remove the hazardous nervousness and make them mild,

Her glamorous skim can swab away the anxiety,

What Is Worst?

Physical harm effect superficial look while mental takes away life’s delight,
I ask what is worst? Is that a curable material or a material eternally without light?

Victory Is Feasible

Challenge the fate before it challenges you,
Do it before the time or else you will have to pay the due.

With stress gratis untie your mind,

Nature's Charm

Morning cheers and the birds awake,
Again after the dusk there's an enchanting day break.

The sun is visible again with the charming sunrise,

It Requires Courage To...

It requires audacity to utter the actuality & also to bear it,
Till the last moment, even if the world force you to exit.

It requires dauntlessness to stand up for those who r absent, when they r being abused,

Are These Ever Noticed Individuals?

Never argue in a loud tone, when your opponent is a silent speaker,
Resulting annotations around would make you weaker.

They have a clean heart and filthy chops,

Bird's First Flight

Birds moving swiftly in the air,
Regardless of the stiff wind that couldn’t bear.

The innovative craze for the immature,

My Decree For The Year 2008

Resolution are made every year,
No matter they aren’t fulfilled when few desires become incredibly dear.

I resolute oath to confiscate my lethargy and turn into a briskly lass,

Fear -A Gloom

Fear is not anywhere behind mankind,
For remember it is in our own mind.

It could be removed if we make-up our mind,

I Am Apologetic!

I make an apology for the hurt I have given to your compassion,
Indeed it was like hurting myself but trust me I did have the good intension

Don’t let the precious tears dropp down your gorgeous eyes,