Julie McLeod

It's All The Same - Poem by Julie McLeod

The worst part is, I can't stop this.
We wonder why no one can get along.
They hate our friendship because it's strange,
because it's different, because it's not the same.
So what? we're odd balls. Not everyone is the same.
If everyone were the same then we couldn't tell each other apart. we'd think the good people are bad and the bad people are good.
We'd get lost between each other just to find our way home! !
we stop... the world stops for a minute,
you look around at all the people around you... everyone's the same. There's no colors, it's just so plain. We try to run away but everything's still the same! ! you try to walk in the other direction, you still try to run away! but you can't... your stuck in this vortex, people think it's a game.
You can't find the door way out and why is that?
Because its all the same! ! you run fast and hard,
taking your hopes and dreams with you! hoping to escape,
to find the right door.... you run to it, you miss,
you always miss! ! Instead you hit a brick wall.
The bricks hit you as they fall,
like how you fell on them the way you fell for him!
you climb out from under the debris... people know, they can see, they feel your pain, but do nothing. Nothing!
because it's all the same! ! it's happened to everyone,
we've felt the pain, we've lost everything and nothings been gained! your hoping they'd save you, you think that they might,
but nobody does it, nobody turns on the light! nobody's fought,
and no one is willing to fight!
They're not that human if they don't fight for what's right.
They don't try to change it, they just leave at the sight.
because they've seen it before, nothings new and nothings changed. everyone is trapped in this vortex together.
we brave the storm and pummel the weather! !
at some point we will get out, but just make it through, and when it happens we won't know what to do,
because nothings been gained, its still just the same! !
we are still stuck on this earth,
and everywhere we look we see the same thing! !
there's more space to run... so you run as far and as far as you can to escape this madness. but again your still trapped on this earth! and you know the only way to escape is to leave this earth!
Its always been the last resort because you don't want to leave everyone behind, but that doesn't matter anymore,
because everyone's the same! so you do it. your gone. left the earth. and everyone goes on as they have, because they've seen it before, it's all just the same.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

After I could no longer speak to my friend... i miss you: (

Comments about It's All The Same by Julie McLeod

  • Julianna Mcleod (6/17/2013 10:21:00 AM)

    Thank you for that. I agree :) It does look abit confusing lol (Report) Reply

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  • C.ann Penning (6/17/2013 8:23:00 AM)

    Great write with lots of emotion. :) I would suggest breaking your longer poems up into stanzas, it's an easier read for the reader and use less punctuation, it's just not as necessary in poetry. Great job though :) (Report) Reply

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