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Sometimes when I look into the deep blue skies,
I dream of tomorrow and days gone by

I float across the oceans of the bright fluffy clouds,
Tip toe across raindrops; try not to make a sound

Roaring midnight storms beget
Briny, lucid prison walls
Distorted mirrors of pain

Emerging from murky pools
Full of wisdom and knowledge
Clearly seeing, hearing all

Magical, full of wonder and hidden mysteries
Angel’s wintry down feathers falling
From bright, cotton filled Carolina skies

Roaring thunder echoing in my chest
A storm sweeping in, catching me by surprise
Your laughter a refreshing rain flooding my soul
Your smile a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds

The effortless sashay of her silky body in the wind
With vigor and splendor, she draws the eye in

Though silent, her voice can be heard for miles

Wrapping around my toes
Glued like little beads
Warm yet cool
A comfort to my feet

I've waited and waited for you to come along
Long lonely nights lost in romantic movies and songs
I sit on my sofa with bon bons and ice cream
Waiting patiently for you to step through the movie screen

Under sapphire skies bathing in shimmering moonlight
Passionate reflections of you captivate me
Seductive caresses flowing into
Playful kisses, saturating my skin

He in his blue jeans and she in her dress
Sat on the old swing and spoke of good things
Spoke of their hopes; all of their dreams
Planned for their future on that old swing

The warmth of summer caressing my skin;
I’m a beautiful green and dance in the wind
I love all the splendor that summer brings
But long for nights of a gentle autumn breeze

I lay in a shallow grave
Enveloped in darkness
It’s life I crave

If only the lies that fall from your tongue
would be ablaze like searing red coals,
as they rolled from your lips
smoldering into the depths of your heart,


Strangles the soul
Forbidding it to live

In way too deep
Murky waters quickly rising
Searching for an escape
Struggling hard


Passionate, Everlasting
Hard to find
One who completes you

A lost dying world,
Leaves fall, spring flowers blooming
Everything changing

It's not about you, its all about me
I told you before it's me, me, me!

You talk all your talk!
You think you're all that!


Always Sailing
Foghorns blaring endless
Opportunities out to sea

From the depths of the souls did pour
pain and anguish long endured

Loss of loved ones they held so dear
desperately yearning to have them near

C.Ann Penning Biography

I was born in 1971 in a small Amish town, Lagrange IN; the oldest of five children. My family moved around a lot between a few of the surrounding smaller towns; if they could get much smaller than Lagrange. I started drawing at a very early age, which soon developed into painting which I was most well known for. Paint became my feelings poured out for all to see. Later as a teen, I developed a love for writing but hid it. I guess it gave me a sense of control when I was living an out of control life. My mother and father divorced while I was very young and my father soon died thereafter. It took years for me to accept it and writing allowed for me to secretly share my pain without feeling judged or ridiculed. As the years have come and gone my passion for writing has drowned my passion for painting, although there are times when it resurfaces. One of my most favored poems over the years has been 'Blood Stained Feathers and Broken Wings.' It was written for a contest and took first place. I don't enter contests often so this was a special treat. I'm not known for writing in a special form. I guess one could say I tend to take flight and gracefully land where ever my mood takes me.)

The Best Poem Of C.Ann Penning

I Dream

Sometimes when I look into the deep blue skies,
I dream of tomorrow and days gone by

I float across the oceans of the bright fluffy clouds,
Tip toe across raindrops; try not to make a sound
Shout from the heavens and dance with the stars,
Hang out on Saturn and dream about Mars
I whisper sweet nothings to the man in the moon
and slowly drift off with hopes to return soon

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C.Ann Penning Popularity

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