Hakima Smaali

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It's For You - Poem by Hakima Smaali

there are so many things that I want to say
many things that I need to tell you
but I just don't have the courage to
so i just hope that you'll guess who I writing this peome to
it's for you
to apologize for what I've done
and to thank you too
I'm sorry for not picking up the phone
I'm sorry for every wrd that was wrong
I'm sorry for hurting you and driving you away
I didn't know your worth intel you were gone
I know it's too late to tell you this
after I made it all wrong

I loved the way you talked to me
I admired you and also the one you made me be
you've been there for me when I needed you
when I neede someone to believe in me
but that, unfortunatly I couldn't see

I want to turn it all to the way it was
I want to take it all back
but I'm scared to tell and get rejected
I scared that you'll push me away
after you i've hurted

I was wrong in deed
and you I'll always need
I'm sorry, It I couldn't realize
it was all runing away with high speed
I'm sorry I negleted you
and our freindship I couldn't feed
you used to know what I'm thinking just by looking to my eyes
I'm sorry for making your heart and mine bleed
you were the only one who knew my truth from my lies
I'm sorry for staying as an uncatched thought in your head
I was too selly and unwise
my actions was wrong and stupid and I hate were they've led

I miss your jokes, your idiotique and stupid questions
miss your funny comment and how you get every girl's attention
I adore your enthousiasme and way of thinking
I like your way of staring at me without blinking

I 've never knew that your heart I've token
if I've realized it, your heart I wouldn't have broken

the silence we kept
the issues unsolved we left
are the reason we're going away
the reason is we've just stood there,
we've just frozen
we didn't have the courage to say
we didn't find the right way
I know it's too hard to make it all stay the same
we want to, but we can't
but let don't each other blame
we're no longer the same
no longer the ones pictured in that frame
we've just lost our unique aim
and we can't just turn lame
we have to try to stick to the same aim

I know lot of what I say is not true
I know it but I needed to believe it too
it was a nice delusion which kept me going on
which made me step up, and be the one I am now

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