Black on Black Arts

It's Getting Late - Poem by Black on Black Arts

Looking at you looking at me.
Lustful eyes staring, undressing me, arousing me to my very fiber.

The clock strikes 11: 00
High off lust and desire we inch ever so slowly.
Thoughts replace words I wink you smile.
Like the 7 wonders of the world your beauty is captivating
Your touches send shivers thru my body like ocean waves,
my heart skips a beat.
Playing it cool, I reach over gently kissing the inside of your
neck, your eyes close with ecstasy.
I feel your goose bumps and hear the softest purrr come from
your soft lips.
You are pleased, wanting more I devilishly tease you.
Music softly plays, with a mischievous smile you rise, your body moving
to the rhythm as if in a trance.
Winding and grinding closer, closer you come you are graceful at the games
you play.

The clock strikes 12: 00
Seductively you close in, gently just barely touching me.
The scent of your perfume embodies me.
Eye to eye face to face like a predator you breathe me in.
Like a snake your body slithers across mine as I feel every curve.
I am yours for the taking.
You know this all to well as you begin kissing my chest.
I free fall, which seems like an eternity on to the bed.
Straddling me you feel that I am where you want me to be.
The clock strikes 1: 00
'It's getting late'
As you grab both my arms I become submissive.
The predator now becomes the prey.
Back and forth we go the sound of moans echo thru the room.
The clock strikes 2: 00
Dong! Dong!
The clock goes as if synchronized to the beat of my heart.
'It's getting late'
Naked we lay as hands and lips explore
Looking at you looking at me.
'The night is still young'you say with a seductive smile.
Traveling down my chest with kisses you take me in.
Eyes rolling to the back of my head overwhelmed with pleasure.
'It's getting late'
I moan 'but we have all night' she purrs.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 3, 2010

Poem Edited: Friday, January 6, 2012

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