Journey Poem by Black on Black Arts


Rating: 4.8

Come with me
Let me show you wonders unseen.
Set your mind at ease.
Show me your heart.
And i will show you love without boundaries.
Come with me
I long for your touch.
Hold me close.
Our souls intertwined.
Release all your inhibitions.
Come with me
Don't be scared.
I will never let you go.
Open your eyes to the beauty that is love.
Be free to explore ecstacy.
Let me kiss you there.
I feel you shiver.
We're not done yet.
Come with me.
Mentally orgasmic.
Bodies merge.
Adrenaline based.
Dopamine induced.
Addiction imminent.
Come with me
It's almost over
Outer body inner SPIRIT.
Your afterglow shines.
Supernova blinding.
I can still see you.
Coming Down.
Don't want it to end.
Your SPIRIT embracing.
Close your eyes rest.
Our trip has come to an end.
Our journey has just begun.
Come with me

Thursday, August 29, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Payal Parande 31 August 2013

what a journey, i sat down and went all the way but in end i was disappointed because it ended and i didn't wanted it to...bravo sir

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Scarlett Outlaw 31 August 2013

This poem shows the true desire wanted by anyone. It is a great write and enjoyable to read! Scarlett

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Darkangel Flyfree 31 August 2013

Wow, what a journey! ! ! But don't end it there sir, keep going! ! ! ;)

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Princess Lilypad 31 August 2013

Beautiful expression of what a love journey can be like.

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Shai Cherry 19 October 2013

Wow that poem is very moving yet soothing to the soul

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Arabella Picken 05 September 2013

This is brilliant. Very good write

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Minnie Gehrig 05 September 2013

this one is particularly beautiful.

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Serena Silenced 04 September 2013

I like it ;) Sounds like it could be made for music.

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Geetha Jayakumar 01 September 2013

Beautiful Journey on the way to heaven of Love..This journey should go on.... Beautiful way you have put up..

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