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Waking up back hurting.
Sun in my eyes, mosquito bites on my skin I begin to itch.
Swating away flies I get up from my concrete bed.
Bloodshot eyes see blurry in the light from crying myself

It started with a smile, bright, illuminous like the north star.
Ever present given me hope.
We kissed and nothing else in the world mattered but you.
We laughed hard, we played hard and loved even harder.

When you get an attitude and you don't wanna talk.
When you get tempermental wit me I just go for a walk.
When life and your job has got you down.
If you need somebody to take it out on.

I see her from afar
eyes concealed behind shaded glasses
as she touches my heart from up close
Hiding my emotions I deal out a smile

I could go out with the fellas to play a game or two of pool.
Or I could spend the nite with you(yeah that be cool.
I could go to church to pray to the heavens above.
Or I could be at home with you making love.

Open and waiting.
Comforting yet anticipating.
Sheltering and protective.

Come with me
Let me show you wonders unseen.
Set your mind at ease.
Show me your heart.

Walk a mile in my shoes and you'll develop blisters.
As you drop to your knees from the weight of the world
that i had to endure since birth.
Your shoulders will slump from the sacrifies I had to make.

Tell me It's Alright
Tell me it's not all coming to an end
From Bad Choices Made Easy we're at odds
Trying to understand you but i'm Lost-N-Translation as our lives seem separate

I could've made a left turn
instead I made a right
After an argument I said goodbye
I should've said goodnight

I'm not the man I once was.
Loving U has made a man out of Me.
If U look in my eyes all U will see is U.
If I could pull out my heart it is U that

Time slowly ticks tick, ticking away.
Sitting at the table staring at a blank piece of paper.
Pen in hand tapping tap, tapping on the table.
It echoes as it resonates thru the house.

I wasn't your type but you loved me anyway.
You had issues of your own but when I looked at you it was like Christmas day.
Arguments N the daytime, love making at night was our forte.
When you weren't around I thought about you every minute of every day.

Born into a world of madness.
The world awaits me.
Strike one against a young black child.
The world hates me.

Nature comes to life with florescent flowers in bloom bright,
lively trees filled with colorful leaves. Birds chirp songs of love, signs of spring brings love to the forefront.In love we were reminiscing of picnics by the lake
followed by long walks in the park.Loving every moment as we watched squirrels at play. Thinking to myself the only thing more beautiful than spring is you.Happy times long since past.

Not knowing what to do.
Not knowing what to say.
I feel confused if I'm not with you everyday.
Wishing I could be with you now.

You inspire me.
Deep, sensual are the words you Whisper in my ear.
The love you give me is like a touch from God.
I'm blessed by your very touch.

You ask me why I lie?
You ask why I say the things that I say?
Is it because I had a bad day?
This is what I think about as I lay.

Beautiful I am and forever young.
Irresistible to those who cross my
You are destined to be mine,

Spread you wings.
Fly, soar high soar far
You're free now
Fly away from your hurt

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welcome to my page im happy and humble to have my work on display for other artists and poetry enthusiasts i hope you find my work as well as the other artist work on here inspirational and close to your heart thank you and enjoy Sincerely B.O.B.A

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Waking up back hurting.
Sun in my eyes, mosquito bites on my skin I begin to itch.
Swating away flies I get up from my concrete bed.
Bloodshot eyes see blurry in the light from crying myself
to sleep at night.
I've hit rock bottom but it feels like rock bottom has hit
me as I wander aimlessly for food and shelter.
Just a little taste to curb my growling stomach.
Water ever so important now more than ever as my lips dry
and crack from thirst.What do I do now?
I pray but they go unanswered.
Don't wanna go on living anymore my pain unbearable slowly
losing all sense of reality.
I fall to my knees wanting death a release from the pain
and suffering of a wasted life.
I scream but all that comes out is a whisper
Do you hear it?

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Angelina Agosto 19 July 2012

Wow, that I Don't mind poem deep.

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