It's Him…..It's Neo-Colonialism - Poem by OKURINMETA OOFRN

Knock! knock! ! knock! ! !
Okurinmeta: Come in
(Comes in and sits down)
Stranger: Where are you people now?
Okurinmeta: Hmmm, from foothold (slave trade) to stronghold (colonialism) and now at stranglehold as we vomit our riches to Kosiri across the seven seas.
Please I beg you don't ask me what Neo-Colonialism is, please don't, coming from my street you must have seen him waving his hands at you but perhaps you didn't, let me help you get to know him
Stranger: Can't wait……
Okurinmeta: People say his head is like his system covered with a beautiful cap yet rotten to the skull
Just like the eagle he sees his prey from afar and sabotages the people's progress devouring them by the systematic application of pain.
Stranger: People say?
Okurinmeta: Yeah, they also say he hears the cry of my people as the songs of heavenly Jerusalem which no man can get enough of, so my people keep crying to make him happy. Hmmm (breaths down heavily)
Stranger: Are you sick?
Okurinmeta: I fear for my life, just because of his carbon dioxide we are dying per day, as his nose breaths death for all to inhale, Air pollution is what am talking about stranger. Just like the scriptural devil he has three mouth fold mission on my people, He feeds on the riches of my people and now contending for world's biggest man
Stranger: laugh
Okurinmeta: It is not a laughing matter
His tongues licks blood of my people as honey
His smiles with the tears of children as there is no age limit to the work load.
Stranger: with all these trouble he makes your people pass through, he must pay so much for your people to continue working for him,
Okurinmeta: The crumbs that falls from his hand is what my people floats on, he pays kobo for a million
Stranger: paying kobo for a million? He must be a wise man
Okurinmeta: Are you saying my people are foolish ….ehn….answer me, but on a second thought you may be right that he's wise as there will only be another carrot for the donkey tomorrow
Stranger: He must be a wicked man at heart?
Okurinmeta: His heart conveys his purpose, they say his heart beat servitude per second per second.
Stranger: how far do you think he intends to go?
Okurinmeta: Heard from the Delilah he has slept with that he intends to spread the fruit of his tentacles throughout the so called Dark Continent and beyond but beginning from my area
Stranger: your area must be blessed with resources?
Okurinmeta: Come out stranger and lets go for a walk together, look around and see how precious land has been turned to dumping sites..If I catch him, if I catch him
Stranger: (silent)
Okurinmeta: Saw my fair friend yesterday and couldn't recognize him, why you may ask? The fiery furnace hot as hell as bleached him black because of the fiery furnace effects on my people they are no more scared of hell fire, how hot could hell be they ask ever preacher who preaches against hell.
Stranger: is religion not the comfort of the poor man?
Okurinmeta: If it was nowadays I would be happy, their comfort is liquor that makes men mad and tobacco which clouds the intellect, they also hope to deal with him tomorrow which is the best time for a lazy man.
Stranger: Are you saying your people can't fight him?
Okurinmeta: If they could, they would but since they can't, I shalln't
Stranger: but you said if you catch him?
Okurinmeta: Yes if I catch him (looks at the stranger)
Stranger: Yes what will you do?
Okurinmeta: I will destroy him 1 by 1
Stranger: How
Okurinmeta: Look here stranger (stranger looks at him) …I will first remove his cap for all to see then his eyes…..wait a minute
Stranger: What?
Okurinmeta: You have his eyes
Your breath stinks
My God, look at your size
You're him; you're him (anger in his eyes)
Ejade oooo, come out everyone
See him….
Who is he? Asked a tall muscular man
Okurinmeta: He's the one who enslaves you in your father's land
Killed your youth and made your elderly, beggars and working class at old age, it's him,

Poet's Notes about The Poem

its self-explanatory

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  • Oluseun Abayomi (8/24/2012 4:16:00 AM)

    nice one hope to read more poem from you some other day (Report)Reply

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