Nicola Jane Dady

Rookie (21/10/1978 / London, United Kingdom)

It's Not That Bad - Poem by Nicola Jane Dady

I woke up this morning, wearing a frown
Feeling really sad and very down
Everything I want, I have and more
So this mournfulness makes me feel insecure.
Although I laugh, I smile, I play
Something inside me dies every day
There are things that I know, Things I can't share
No one I can TRUST to listen, though I know people care.
With an abundance of friends around me still,
This loneliness is hard to kill.
I try to shake it off, hold the dolefulness down
I think of u grandad, Wish u were still around.

So I'm thinking……….

Well my life could be worse
A lady from the next block left town in a hearse
My cousin, she can never have kids
My sister don't know where her man is
The old boy upstairs don't know his own name
Three generations were wiped out in flames
There's a girl on the corner with a belt around her arm
Oblivious the shop she's just burgled is sounding alarm
A little boy on my road plays outside all alone
Whilst his daddy beats the hell out of mummy at home.

That's just the local commentary
What about worldwide devastation in just the last century? ?

China.1931: between two to four million people gone
Washed away like shells on the shore
as the floods ran through for three months and more.
Dec 26 2004: An earthquake tore the Indian Ocean floor
Leaving around 230,000 dead, millions homeless, people unfed.
Billions and billions of people deceased
From famine, hurricanes, landslides, disease
Since the 1970's Aid's has killed an enormous 21.8 mill
And every year with no mistake 2 to 5 million Malaria takes.
Terrorist attacks on the London tube
Because of a lasting presidential feud
Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran
Many falling soldiers, the innocent, their young

So now I'm thinking……………………….

Ok … So My life is not the best, but in comparison I am blessed
Its really not as bad as it seems,
there will always be somebody that is worse off than me
The tough times, well they come with the great
They make me strong enough to deal with fate

By Nicola. J. Dady

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