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Its That Fear - Poem by LULU MERO

It's that fear
Ooo very scary! !
I bet you don't know it
Keeps you worried

It's that fear...
Very loud in your ear..
But not everyone could hear

It's that fear
Why? Y u even here
Leaving people in tears..

It's that fear
Born and raised
Can be of denial
Struggles, family or revival

It's that fear
That keeps consuming..
Consuming us in out! !
Eating us away...

It's that fear
The fear we hate
Come to us in pace
In life circumstance

It's that fear
Can anyone hear?
Like a monster or dear?
I wish it was fair..

it's that fear
Some say never fear
But in the back they tear
Overwhelmed can't even dare
Trying to overcome the fear..

It's that fear
The fear which keep us
Us alive and awake
Awake from unexpected

Awake to fight against
It's that fear
I want all to hear..
You and me here..
We need to chase Mr. Fear

We could make it
Make this a better world
Without the fear
The fear of loss
The fear of famine
The fear of war
The fear of poverty
The fear of religion
The fear of recognition
Why are we in fear...?
Can't it be there not here..
It's time to chase him out there
Leaving us in peace in here
It's that fear
The fear which is not only mine
It's that fear for all
The fear we both hear
Hear from different angles
Hear in different times
We all just don't want him here...

The fear we both imagine
An illusion body..
Could affect your goals
Never entertain that fear.

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